Range Rover Suspension Failure? Read This Before Going to the Dealer


Have you noticed a problem with your Range Rover suspension? Sometimes the problems can be noticeable well before you get a suspension warning light.

One common problem that’s easy to spot is that the Range Rover will be “squatting.” That’s when the back end sags while the front end stays inflated.

Another issue many Range Rover owners face is the car leaning to one side or another. Still others may find that their ride is very “pitchy” (i.e. a lot of going up and down) or that they are taking too long to come to a stop.

Whatever the issue, if you own a Range Rover, you know that repairs don’t come cheap. This is especially true with air suspensions.

Why do Range Rover air suspensions break down?

The problem isn’t with Range Rover, it’s with air suspensions in general.

They are complex systems made up of many moving and flexible parts. Air suspension systems also rely on computers to control them.

Simply having that many components means that there are that many components that can stop working properly. Since they are interdependent, one part going down means the rest are sure to follow.

An air suspension breaking down isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Your Range Rover is no different.

What to do?

Your dealership will probably recommend replacing everything with the same parts that came on your Range Rover. That means new air suspension components.

Whether you have a faulty compressor, leaky air lines, or just a cracked air bag, this repair is not going to be your last.

One component being broken means the load that component would usually take gets passed onto one or several others. That means increased wear and tear on those opponents. Those components will likely need replacing soon too.

In addition, these air suspension parts don’t come cheap. Just one air bag will cost you just under $400 at a minimum. That’s just for one of four, all of which will eventually need replacing.

An alternative for your Range Rover

This kit from Strutmasters is a full replacement for your Range Rover air suspension. That means that for just under $800, you can replace all four of your struts.

Rather than spend the rest of your time with your vehicle doing endless repairs, this kit allows you to ditch that air suspension altogether. These conversions are designed to allow you to install them yourself with basic tools you probably already have in the garage.

Each kit is Made in the USA of high quality materials and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. That means that as long as your Range Rover is on the road, Strutmasters guarantees you’ll have working struts.

Fix it once, fix it right, fix it for good. That’s our philosophy.

Once you’re ready to make the switch for your Range Rover, order online or give us a call at (866) 239-4896 and let one of our Suspension Experts help you with your order.