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Name: | Location: middle island ny 11953 | SKU: GB1RB

Great ride is back, Devon’s help was great. Answered all my questions. Installation guide was on the money.

Name: | Location: Elgin, South Carolina | SKU: GB1RB

I called Strutmasters and I talked to Will. I told him the problem I was having with my Buick Rainer. The rear air bags had failed and my suspension was just about dragging the ground. Will told me what I would need. I got my conversion kit in two day. I took it to a friends shop and we installed in about 30 minutes. We took both rear tires off and both rear shocks, we then twisted the air bags half a turn, they dropped down, I cut both air lines, wire tied the height sensors in the up position, prayed down slightly on the suspension, slipped the coil springs in, put the new shocks and tires on and was done.Great fit.Thank you Will ans Strut Masters, you will get all my suspension business, and I have been telling all my friends about you.

Name: | Location: Kansas City, MO | SKU: GB14F

“Initially I was skeptical about it, but gave it a try, anyway. Very simple to install because parts fit right almost like genuine manufactured parts. The end result, smooth ride.”

Name: | Location: Lorain, OH United States | SKU: GB1R0

This was not the first time I’ve had to do this kind of conversion to a vehicle that I’ve owned, but like the first time Strutmasters made it easy to do. Before I used the conversion kit my Buick Rainier looked like (to quote my dad)” it was haulin’ a load of moonshine”. Now it rides just like it did before the airbag went bad. Thanks again Strutmasters. You guys really came through.

Name: | Location: Allen Park, MI United States | SKU: GB1RB

The air-ride system was going bad on my 06 Rainier. The compressor was good but the air-bag springs were leaking. I would come out in the morning or after work and it would be sitting very low. After starting car the bags would pump up (most of the time) and i dealt with it like this for quite some time. I decided to go with the springs after rationalizing that if i put new air springs on it, the compressor would be the next to go and then the $$ would just continue to go up. Overall ride seems quite good and certainly a nice change from waiting for the bags to pump up every time i start the car. Install was really easy. I am by no means a gear head but i did most of this work myself with the my bro-in-law supervising and assisting when needed. Right tools are the biggest need. If doing this yourself jackstands are a must as you need to keep the car up on them after you remove shocks and air-springs to let the rear suspension lower out of its ride position. Overall good economical fix.

Name: | Location: Mount Airy, GA United States | SKU: GB1R0

Because the air ride bags had gone bad, I ordered an Air Suspension Conversion Kit for my 2004 Buick Ranier on06/12/13. I used standard shipping and expected to have to wait over a week for it to show up. To my delight it arrived TWO days later and my son installed it in my driveway and had me going again on 06/15/13! I am one happy, satisfied customer. Thanks Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Griffin, GA United States | SKU: GB1R0

After the rear air-ride failed on my 2006 Buick Rainer, I visited a few local shops and was quoted from $700 to almost $900 for a conversion. Strutmasters to the rescue! Spent a fraction on coils springs and my son installed them himself. He had a question and tech support called back in 4 minutes! 4 MINUTES! Amazing! Telling everyone who’ll listen about my hero… Strutmasters.

Name: | Location: Yuma , AZ United States | SKU: GB1R0

My 2004 Rainier had been having suspension problems for over a year with the air leak on the rear drivers side, driving with the rear of the vehicle sagging all the way down was a nightmare and very frustrating to say the least. I did some research and found Strutmasters, the difference is night and day. I feel like I have a new car again, the ride is perfect and the height is perfect. I am so glad I decided to convert to springs and I will never have to worry about coming out to my car and finding the rear end sitting on the pavement! Thank You Strutmasters!!! I highly recommend that if you are thinking about getting rid of your air bag suspension, you go with these guys. Total cost $775.00 after having a local garage do the work.

Name: | Location: Haver De Grace, MD United States | SKU: GB1RB

First and foremost the Customer Service was extraordinary and extremely knowledgeable. When I received the product I was delightfully surprised of the quality. The cost was unheard of. It was so low. Once we received it took it to the vehicles dealership and they installed it for a fraction of what it would have cost. The cost would have been $1300.00 to have them install it elsewhere. Instead the total price was $529.00. I would tell any and all the quality and service was a “10”