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Name: | Location: Brooklyn ,NY | SKU: CADR2

I own a classic 1989 Cadillac Coupe Deville and for the second time the level ride system started acting up again , the first time the air shocks failed and it cost me $400 plus a $75 alignment this time the compressor just keeps running due to a tear in one of the air bladders so I decided to do the Strutmasters conversion. I purchased the kit at the website. The sales people helped me select the proper kit, and had it installed by my local shop.
All I can say is I love my car and I can enjoy my rides better than new , I believe the ride quality of the Strutmasters kit is plusher and softer than the air ride suspension from the factory. No more annoying lights or parasitic battery drain, the car is definitely more reliable now. I can go to drive- in movie and enjoy a film without hearing that annoying compressor drain my battery!!! Thank you Strutmasters!!!
Philip Carrubba

Name: | Location: BRUNSWICK | SKU: CADF6

Spoke with Jason, awesome service! Thank You!

Name: | Location: forest park ga | SKU: CADR9

If you go with one of their parts or conversion, these guys are the best. The suspension products are always exact fit and easy to install. This customer is one of a kind! Keep up the good word, Strutmasters Crew.

Name: | Location: New Orleans, LA | SKU: CADR6

The rear air suspension system in this ’99 Cadillac Deville quit over a decade ago. My mom, a youthful octogenarian, really didn’t mind riding on the bump stops, as she only went a few miles every week to the grocery. (The car has 53k miles on it.) But it drove me nuts.
Fixing the air suspension was going to be expensive and probably an ongoing expense: it involved two air shocks, a compressor, an electronic controller, two solenoids, two level sensors, tubing, wiring, fuses and connectors.
Enter Strutmasters’ CADR6 conversion kit. With springs and shocks designed to give the car its factory designed smoothness over most driving conditions, it replaces the air suspension system with reliable, conventional components. I consulted with my mechanic. He was familiar with the product and said he had customers who were quite satisfied with the conversion. I ordered the parts from Strutmasters (a very helpful Will Norris helped me out) and they arrived in two days. The shop did the installation in one morning with no problems.
I am delighted with the result. The Caddy rides 100% better. The rear end no longer droops and I can now drive without slowing down for every little dip in the road.
THANK YOU, Strutmasters! You have given new life to this great old sedan at a very fair and reasonable cost.

Name: | Location: Fairview MT | SKU: CA44FR

For me it was very easy to install, and the ride was more than I could hope for. Kudos to all at Strutmasters for putting together a fine product at way less money to fix your factory air ride, you will be grinning like I am.

Name: | Location: St Paul, Minnesota | SKU: CADF6

We don’t actually have the struts installed yet, but your customer service was awesome. Jason was a pleasure to deal with and took care of everything for us, except paying for the struts…ha. I won’t know about the product itself until it gets installed, but do know that your customer service just can’t be beat.

Name: | Location: clarksville tn | SKU: CD34FP

Im a shop owner i installed a conversion kit on this car light did not go out called to get info on how to turn light out all i got was run around to make sure it was bought from them it was installed 6 months ago now my customer is selling the car and wants the light out its not like i was asking for something for nothing just wanted to know what part to buy sorry service gary frost owner of frost alignment

Name: | Location: Norfolk, VA United States | SKU: CADR2

Yes sir, I’m very happy with the performance of that product. Thanks again.

Name: | Location: Rocky Ford, CO United States | SKU: CD54FR

Did front & rear strut conversion from electronic to regular. Customer said he could tell the differents in ride quality & ride height is perfect. Highly recommended!