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Name: | Location: Weatherford, TX | SKU: CA44FR

Wow! This is a great replacement kit! Easy to install and the ride is AWESOME!!! I like it better than factory. Well worth every penny! Thank You Strutmasters for making my Eldo perfect again and thank you Donielle for your professional assistance.

Name: | Location: Littleton, CO | SKU: CA34FR

“This review would be for answering questions and placing an order with StrutMasters.

Darrell answered my call.

He was friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions and confirmed that I was ordering the correct Strut Kit for my vehicle.

He placed my order over the phone and reviewed all shipping options.

Darrell also provided a great tip of making sure both front and both back wheels are jacked above the ground when performing the work on the Front and Back.

Thanks you Darrell for your great service.”

Name: | Location: Toledo, Ohio | SKU: CA44FR

“Rides like a new car(Cadillac Eldorado 1998 ETC) I have put 1000 miles of twisty turning roads on them,thank you Strutmasters!:)”

Name: | Location: MA | SKU: CADF6

“The front struts are slapped together and do not have the camber adjustment drilled out, so basically you have to drill the hole out prior to install.

Customer Service is great when you call to order, but afterwards good luck making contact with them,

The rear shocks are horrible, the car rides like a eighteen wheeler, and takes bumps like a SUV, I would highly not recommend any strutmasters products. I have been contacting them for over 2 weeks and have had no responses.”

Name: | Location: Pittsburg, PA | SKU: CADR5

My name is Antonio. I am referring to the order that I had received for my 98 Cadillac Eldorado the conversion to non air shocks/struts. Car rides nice, it’s great, I recommend you guys.

Name: | Location: Hawaii United States | SKU: CADR5


Name: | Location: Keithville, LA United States | SKU: CADR5

I am totally happy with the price, delivery, and to this date, operation of the struts.

Name: | Location: New Berlin, WI United States | SKU: CADR7

The ride height is perfect, ride is controlled and smooth…..Tom Piontkowski

Name: | Location: Las Vegas, NV United States | SKU: CADR7

I thought it was going to be harder then it was, the only trouble I came across was with the wiring of the relay. But everything was very easy to do. Thank you for making it so nice.