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Name: | Location: New Hyde Park , NY | SKU: FX34F

“We got the new struts a couple of days ago and had our regular mechanic install them. We are so pleased with how everything turned out. Can’t wait to really test them out (weather has been really bad and roads really slippery since the big snowfall last weekend).

Thanks for the quick turnaround and the reasonable prices! Also, many thanks to the helpful staff in your customer service area.

Happy Holiday Season!

Barbara Brizzi”

Name: | Location: Texas | SKU: FX34F

I purchased the XN44-F3; XN44-R3 kit to replace my air suspension. Installation took me 3-1/2 hrs. I am pretty tooled up so had everything I needed. Instructions said spring compressors not required, I recommend them. Make sure you know how to disconnect ball joints. The new springs sagged and I will look for spacers to raise the vehicle back up to a more acceptable height. The ride is the same as stock. One break in problem I had was turning while hitting a bump I would get a loud squelch noise. I think it was from the paint on the spring contact points. It no longer makes the noise once everything broke in. There is no “Home” solution to turn off the Air Bag warning system. You have to take your vehicle to Ford and have them reset your computer. Note: before you start the swap, remove the rear axel sensors so you don’t ruin them. Overall, I am very happy with this kit and knowing that I do not have to worry about the air suspension going flat randomly.

Name: | Location: Far Rockaway, NY United States | SKU: FX24F

“Many thanks to you guys at STRUTMASTERS !!!! My wife’s 2003 Lincoln Navigator was diagnosed with Air Bag Cancer. I checked everywhere for a solution because my wife LOVES her car. Every solution form Lincoln said $$$$ which we could not afford. I began to put my fingers to the Cyber Net Keyboard for solutions and found your website! The video made it look a little bit TOO easy (if you can do brakes . . .. I checked the BBB for their complaint issues and found them to be in good standings. I was a little hesitant to order over the internet, so I used a debit card and WHOLLA! I ordered it Sunday and it came Wed afternoon! I had all the tools EXCEPT the one to remove the large bolts from the bottom Strut, so I enlisted the aide of my Mechanic Mr. Chase of Bernard’s Auto of Bklyn, NY who installed all 4 for a minimal price. Everything (including the Struts) came to UNDER $1000!!!! So if your tired of chasing the Dealership Rainbow for a solution, try STRUTMASTERS for a cure to Air Bag Cancer and give your ride a new LIFT on life.
– Fred Collie”

Name: | Location: Kuusamo, Pohjois Pohjanmaa Finland | SKU: FX34F

“…we want to thank you after all the trouble that we’ve had with the “”Expedition”” of our customer. Both are very content – the customer can use his car now also in wintertime and of cause ourselves because we have another satisfied customer thanks to team of strutmasters for prompt and perfect delivery!

The whole PÄTSI CREW from far north finland

Name: | Location: La Prairie, QC Canada | SKU:

“I bought SumoSprings to fix a bottoming out problem I had with the Strutmasters air conversion kit on my 07 Expedition. For years nobody offered solution until now.

The instructions let on it’s an easy slip in installation but that was simply not true. I had a hell of a time getting them in. Used a can of white grease and screwdrivers in the pre-drilled holes to shimmy them in place. Unless I was sent the wrong one’s this is not easy.

However, once installed, great product I highly recommend it…the conversion kit, not so much.”

Name: | Location: MN United States | SKU: FU3RB

Kit was received very timely. Brad in customer service was very friendly and helpful. Couple of nit picks. One is that the strut top and bottom were not aligned to fit into the control arm and upper mount. I had to use a rod through the lower mount and crank on it to turn the holes so they lined up with the lower control arm, it was a pain. Also, there is no way to turn off the suspension warning light. Also, the ride height is higher than stock by about 2 inches. However, when I hook up my boat, it settles completely level, just looks like I put a lift in the back end when I’m not towing. Not crazy about that, but doesn’t bother me too much.