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Name: | Location: Attleboro, MA | SKU: FX14B

Thanks!!!! Product is exactly what I needed!

Name: | Location: Abilene, KS United States | SKU: FX14B

“The system is working great and my Navigator is not looking like a low rider anymore.

Thanks for the great product.

Jesse Smith”

Name: | Location: Nashville, TN United States | SKU: FX14FB

My air ride has gone out twice in the past, and I had enough. Air ride is expensive and inconvenient. My new Strutmaster conversion kit is awesome, and now I know I don’t have to shell out money for constant maintnence. Thanks Strutmasters

Name: | Location: Lynchburg,VA United States | SKU: FX14B

“Hi Pattie,

Thanks so much for everything you did for me. The packages arrived today (at the right address)!! You and your Company are First Class!


Name: | Location: Las Vegas, NV United States | SKU: FX14B

“Now that the kit is installed, I’m very pleased with the ride and rather shocked that the manufacturer even puts the air suspension in the vehicle to begin with.


Name: | Location: Richmond, VA United States | SKU: FX1R0

From the 1st call to the next day delivery! Great service! I’m sure you keep track if who took my order and just want to thank her for her professionalism. Not to mention the huge savings. I recommend you guys to anyone in need of any products you have.

Name: | Location: Virginia | SKU: FX14B

GREAT riding system to replace my Navigator air bag system. AWESOME Cust Service!

Name: | Location: Baton Rouge, LA United States | SKU: FX14B

I got this kit installed and my Navi sits at perfect height now. After many problems with the Factory air bag setup, I just got fed up with the prices and the many problems. This kit rides a little rougher than the factory air ride but I will have NO MORE PROBLEMS WITH THE SUSPENSION ANYMORE!

Name: | Location: Lakewood, NJ United States | SKU: FX1R0

“you are the best. thanks, good service and shipping