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Name: | Location: Wauconda, Il | SKU: GB1RD

Just ordered my parts from Jason he was very helpful. Cannot wait to install them and get rid of the air bags.

Name: | Location: Normal, IL | SKU: GB1RB

Worked out great. Easy to install. Priced right and fast shipping.

Name: | Location: Kansas City, MO | SKU: GB14F

“Initially I was skeptical about it, but gave it a try, anyway. Very simple to install because parts fit right almost like genuine manufactured parts. The end result, smooth ride.”

Name: | Location: schertz, TX United States | SKU: GB14F

Although I had to return my merchandise (conversion shocks for a 2002 GMC Envoy) because my daughter changed her mind at the last minute there was no override to cutoff the Air Suspension in the dash, the service provide was absolutely outstanding to include refunding my money back into my credit card account in a timely manner. Clarence “Icy” Lee

Name: | Location: Wayesville, NC United States | SKU: GB1RD

Ordered the higher end kit for my 2003 GMC Envoy XL heavy duty spring/shock kit…even in the midst of a late season winter storm at Strutmasters, that package got out immediately and at my house the next day, Installed, I feel this kit actually improved my ride and performance, as I had a leaky rear air bag. Thank you, Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Haver De Grace, MD United States | SKU: GB1RB

First and foremost the Customer Service was extraordinary and extremely knowledgeable. When I received the product I was delightfully surprised of the quality. The cost was unheard of. It was so low. Once we received it took it to the vehicles dealership and they installed it for a fraction of what it would have cost. The cost would have been $1300.00 to have them install it elsewhere. Instead the total price was $529.00. I would tell any and all the quality and service was a “10”

Name: | Location: Shelby, NC United States | SKU:

My 2005 GMC Envoy Denali had major issues with the air strut system as it pertains to the adjustment of the ride height. The system had failed which made for a miserable trip from Raleigh to Shelby riding on the rubber spacers. The Strutmasters video on YouTube was the closer for me to make my decision to convert to solid springs. The price was right and I had several resources at my disposal from Strutmasters to complete the job by myself. An extra set of hands would have been helpful at times, but the instructions along with pictures gave me all the tips and tricks I needed. Will refer to anyone looking for great suspension products.

Name: | Location: Foristell, MO | SKU: GB1RB

“I thought you would like to learn about another success from installing your conversion kit!

This air suspension conversion kit finally eliminated the expensive and high maintenance Envoy factory air system. In less than an hour, this kit has returned the smooth factory ride (not to mention – no more low-rider, and no more noise from the air pump cycling on and off)!

Thanks you,

Dennis G.”

Name: | Location: Arlington, TX United States | SKU: GB1R0L

“Installed it this morning with no problem. Thank you for providing a simple solution to my problem.

Ab Grantges
Arlington, Texas”