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Name: | Location: Galloway, NJ | SKU: HA1RB

My H2 suffered from a saggy rear end. Here’s how Strutmasters took my truck’s rear suspension from zero to hero.


* Phone reps know their products, answered all my questions.
* Installation to convert from the stock H2 air ride to the Strutmasters coil was very straight-forward and was done in my dad’s (home) garage with a jack and some basic tools.
* Direct replacement parts is nearly the best way I could describe this kit. Knuckles weren’t busted, torches weren’t turned on, etc.
* Truck sits perfectly level with the kit and ride feels the same without the headache of a future sag issues. Feel a big weight lifted never having to worry about it again.


About 5 years ago, my air bags went bad and replaced them. I was good up until about a month ago when the compressor failed.

After dealing and fighting with the air ride now twice at this point, I had enough and started looking into a coil conversion because I never wanted to deal with the sag issue again.

I called Strutmasters and the representative that answered the phone had all the answers to my questions, ordered the HA1RB kit over the phone (my shocks were in questionable shape so ordered the kit that came with shocks while I’d be in that area) and in a few days the parts all arrived.

I was expecting this to be a bit of a project, but the the parts were almost literally direct replacements. Directions were to the point and pretty obvious.

The truck sits perfectly level and the ride feels the same, without the headache of ever having to worry about the air ride or rear sag ever again!

Anybody that’s tired of dealing with the air ride issues, absolutely check out the Strutmasters kits and save yourself the headache.

Strutmaster’s kits are going the be the first thing I mention to any other H2s I see with dragging rears.

Feel much more confident in the truck’s reliability!

Thanks Strutmasters!!

Name: | Location: Brooklyn New York | SKU: HA1RF

She assured me that this airbag replacement system would fit without any modifications, the instruction were exact and to the point. With the right tools I was able to remove the air bags tuck and tie the old air lines, install the springs and shocks with ease! Ride height was restored to give my hummer the stance I was looking for! How is the ride? Well with the spring and shock package that I got I think it’s on point! All I need now is a way to remove that annoying “air ride suspension” message …lol

Thanks Donielle25!

Name: | Location: Yakima, WA | SKU: HA1RB

“This was my first time ordering, but it won’t be my last. Gary was very nice he helped me through every step he explained everything to us in detail even though I was a little annoying he was patient and very nice I would definitely order from them again.”

Name: | Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA | SKU: HA1R0J

“The sales person was extremely knowledgable about the suspension products and was helpful in advising the suspension products I chose. Overall, a great experience.”

Name: | Location: Danville,Va. 24540 | SKU: HA1RF

“03-02-2015 I brought the 4 shocks and two springs for my 2005 Hummer H2 SUT and the job was very easy and the lights went right off for the air suppression system. The ride is great and will never drop down again. I went to the StrutMasters facility in Roxboro NC. and the people there were very helpful and thorough. Thanks”

Name: | Location: Baltimore , MD United States | SKU: HA1RB

I contacted the dealer about changing my air suspension in my Hummer H2 to spring and they were charging me nearly $1700.00 for the entire job! Strutmasters sold me an excellent kit after giving me great advice AND recommend a local garage that installed the springs and shocks. Total cost: $750.00! Saved nearly a grand! They are simply the BEST at what they do.

Name: | Location: Ashburn, VA United States | SKU: HA1R0

My rear air suspension went kaput and the dealer wanted $2500 to replace just the air compressor or about $1000 to convert to coils. Both prices are ludicrous! Thank goodness I researched and found StrutMasters! I was worried when I purchased the springs because I didn’t know how difficult it would be to do it myself, but I have to say that it wasn’t bad at all. I had both installed in a matter of 2-3 hours. The ride is great and the rear is off the stops. Thank you STRUTMASTERS!!!

Name: | Location: greenbay , WI United States | SKU: HA1R0

“Customer service and product are top notch. I am have a hard time reseting the service air suspension message when i start it up.any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks strut master . Brett m. Vanrossum

Name: | Location: Hutchinson, KS United States | SKU: HA1R0

Purchased a set for my hummer h2 2004 a couple of months ago. Honestly I think the ride is the same or slightly better than before. My hummer stays lifted about 18 inches from the top of my wheel. It looks great!!! Would recommend to all hummer drivers. To fix it would have been about 2k, and that was taking it to a friend to fix. Paid 189.00+tax and the shop charged me 90.00 to install. Boom