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Name: | Location: Park City | SKU: LB44F

I purchased my RRS used in March of this year with 105.000 miles. I found the one I wanted out of state and after purchasing it I drove it back to Kansas. After about 100 mile, I get this suspension light and the vehicle began to drive almost like riding on a boat. I took it to the dealer in my state and they quoted me an extremely high price to fix the suspension system. needless to say I was dumbfounded at the cost to repair a system that I realized, I would never use…..I am not taking this vehicle off-road or rock climbing. So I began to search for a solution to my suspension issues. I found Strutmasters and talked with Darrell who ensured me that I would like this product (LB44F) for my RRS. He was right, After having these installed I have driven this vehicle every where with no concerns of being stranded and the ride is wonderful. I highly recommend this product for your vehicle if you are needing an alternative to the high cost of constant air system maintenance.

Name: | Location: mckees rocks pa | SKU: LB44F

After having trouble with air suspension, and working on all details involved, Darrell at strutmasters had explained what was needed and the advantages of using a conversion kit. Wish I’d of come across Darrell first. don’t have the part yet, but after doing all the leg work, I know this will be all good.

Name: | Location: Denton | SKU: LB34B

Just converted to Strutmasters coil suspension… had two leaky bags and tapped out compressor . Quote to repair was $3000.00. I chose Strutmasters over several other because it’s a name I have recognized for a long time, and product is made right here in the USA!! GREAT RIDE after ride conversation! I can trust my vehicle not to leave me stranded and waiting on a tow. Easy installation and fault light are gone!!!

Name: | Location: CHICAGO,ILLINOIS | SKU: LB34BM

Excellent Customer Service!

Name: | Location: Silver spring, md | SKU: LB44F

Well made. Exact fit.

Name: | Location: Bruceville TX | SKU: LB34B

Overall I am satisfied with the product. The install required some reaming of the top holes for the strut as the product was slightly off. One of the struts had the holder for the lines that attach to it all bent out of shape and required straightening. It is a wonderful solution for the older Range Rovers, as the air systems begin to fail. I did appreciate dealing with Jennifer over the phone, she was great.

Name: | Location: Colorado Springs Colorado | SKU: LB34BM

Thank for meeting my needs and a speedy service. I feel much better now that I talked to you!

Name: | Location: Lagrange | SKU: LB34BM

I just ordered the conversion kit for my Range Rover. Darrell was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.

Name: | Location: Tampa | SKU: LB44F

For the past 2 yrs I have had several issues with the Air Lift Suspension System for my 2005 Rover- needless to say- each trip to the dealer was not free!! At the end of July 2016, my suspension system started to fail. I then ordered Strutmasters LB44F Air Strut Conversion kit (4 struts)- The struts were put on as of 8/19/16. After receiving my car back from the shop, I drove my vehicle home. All I can say about the ride with the LB44F Struts is Wow!!!!! The overall ride is 100% better than the ride my vehicle gave me over the past 2 yrs!! The lift of the vehicle is now perfect!!! In addition the price I paid for the kit seems like pennies on the dollar based on the new value I get with each ride. Thanks Strutmasters!!!