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Name: | Location: Immokalee, FL | SKU: TE1RB

I called Strutmasters for a quote on a replacement for my rear shock/air system on my Lexus GX470. I was surprised how the rep, Jason from Jersey, knew right away exactly what I was calling about and was able to explain everything to me. I had called the Lexus dealership and was given a quote of 3K. As a single parent raising a 4 and 6 year old, that was not in my budget. Thankful, for my co-worker for informing me of and for Jason, who is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I am excited to received my kit and have it installed. THANK YOU STRUTMASTERS!!!

Forever a Client,

Name: | Location: Waukesha | SKU: TD14F

Purchasing a pre-owned 2004 LS430 Ultra I quickly learned that I needed well over $10K in air suspension parts and labor. OUCH! With some interaction (people and web) I found Strutmasters – a godsend! Ultimately used HOPSON AUTOMOTIVE W241 S 4165 Pine Hollow Ct Waukesha, WI 53189 phone 262-547-1771 and ask for Nicole or Ryan. Hopson’s did top-notch work. Ordering the product for me, removing the old and installing the Strutmasters conversion solution. Overall a “TEN” / A+! It has been several months now and I am 100% satisfied; could not recommend the conversion product and its overall price/performance any more other than concluding —– “thank you very very much Hobson Automotive and Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Tampa | SKU: TE1RB

I contacted Strutmasters for a quote on a replacement for my rear shock/air system on my Lexus GX470. I was surprised that the first person I spoke with knew exactly what I was calling about and was able to explain everything to me as I did not even really understand what system my car has and how it works. Donielle provided me with a list of potential installers within minutes and got me a quote within hours. I was not completely aware of how the ordering would work. Most shops I called weren’t familiar with my car’s problem so they hadn’t heard of a replacement. A few I called would not let me order or bring in my own parts. I called one of the places on the list that Donielle provided and they were very knowledgeable. However, they called Strutmasters and received a quote themselves, not sure why since I gave them the quote. I regret that I could not help Donielle, thanking her for her excellent and prompt customer service. I am looking forward to the shock system being replaced.
Thank you,

Name: | Location: folsom Ca | SKU: TD14F

I used the StrutMasters conversion kit for a customers LS430 that had leaking air shocks. I was happy to see the quality of the components used to build the kit. The new struts were KYB. After the conversion was installed the ride height was great and the ride was smooth and quiet.

Name: | Location: Fallston, MD | SKU: TE1RB

Over all the kit was very well designed and relatively easy to install. The major problem I had was with the nuts used to attach the puck and plate (parts used to hold the coil in place). The directions show a nut with a lip that will sit on to of a wrench, instead I received standard nuts with lock washers. These were very difficult to use. A self locking nut with a lip would have made the install considerably easier.

Over all it took me about eight hours. I am fairly inexperienced at auto maintenance but generally mechanically inclined. I learned two lessons that would have rapidly sped up the install. First, the upper nut of the shocks which were unworkable with a wrench (no opposing nut on the stock shocks) cut off quite easily with a sawzall with a heavy metal blade, although on the passenger side there is a fuel line (or something similar) close by so I had to be cautious. Second, not all coil compressors are equal. The first one I bought turned out to stick out several inches from the coil, and was too bulky to fit the coil and compressor into the space in the vehicle. The second set of compressors that I bought were considerably more compact and easy to use. If Strutmasters sells an appropriate compressor it would be nice if it were pushed strongly on their website.

The instructions could be improved by the inclusion of pictures that show a much larger area of the under side of the vehicle, with inserts that show the current pictures as magnified regions of the larger scale photo. I found that the compressors worked best when attached with two rings of metal between where I attached them and the end.

Customer service was awesome, and with a few simple improvements this could be and exceptional product.

Name: | Location: tulsa oklahoma | SKU: TE1RB

Jason, my sales consultant, was extremely knowledgeable about the product. The order was taken quickly and very professionally. I left feeling like I had purchased a quality product and company. Based on Jason’s performance I will recommend this product to others.

Name: | Location: boaz | SKU: TE1RB

customer service so far is really good. seems like a good products.

Name: | Location: Osceola, MO | SKU: TE1RB

This product is designed to replace the air lift system on our Lexus. It is a complete kit, ready with everything needed. The customer service that we received when ordering was thorough and helpful. The order was shipped in a very timely manner.

Name: | Location: Matteson, IL | SKU: TF14F

“I called to get a price check and spoke to Gary. Gary has excellent customer service skills and while speaking with him I felt very comfortable and decided to make the purchase. Thanks again!