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Name: | Location: Aiea, HI United States | SKU: TE1RB

(Product Code: -GX470-R1-S) I received this rear suspension conversion kit and the instructions that came with it had a PDF text box on every page of the installation instructions which had blocked out the text for the install steps that was printed at the top of the page. I called and asked for an electronic copy by email, which I then had to copy and paste the instructions into a MS word document to view/read all the installation instructions. Installation was fairly easy with the proper tools and help (2 hours). We found that releasing the rear sway bar brackets made it easier to install the coils. Very happy with the ride and cost savings.

Name: | Location: saint paul, MN United States | SKU: TE1RB

I purchased this kit to switch the air suspension to coil spring. It fits perfect with no modification needed. The install sheets had a box that blocks the top portion of the instruction. Plus the instruction is a copy and its so dark that it’s pretty useless. The instruction was too vague on how to disconnect the air lines. There are additional small clips you have to push outward away from the air lines before you can pull the air lines out. Thnx to my mechanically incline self, I was able to figure out out myself. The only thing missing is instruction on how to deactivate the air pump and to deactivate the now flashing dash light. I’ll give 5 stars for good product, 1 star for instructions, avg 3 stars.

Name: | Location: Wayland, MI United States | SKU: TE1RB

Just had my air shocks replaced with strutmasters spring and shock kit. The springs are not seated yet because it has been only a week but I am very happy with saving $1200.00!!!!!! Ride is slightly more harder than air shocks but I would purchase these again. Overall I am very happy with the purchase! Thanks for the option!! Lonnie

Name: | Location: Cincinnati, OH United States | SKU: TC14F

While the ride is no where near as nice as the original air suspension on my 95 Lexus LS400, for the price you can’t beat it! What I lost in luxury, I made up for in handling. If your air suspension is starting to go wonky on you I highly recommend converting to these strut masters shocks!

Name: | Location: Scottsdale, AZ United States | SKU:

I’ve been nothing but impressed with Strutmasters. From the gentleman on the phone who helped me order the right parts, the price, and the prompt delivery made my dealings with them a good experience. And the quality exceeds my expectations. Thank you, Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Kelowna, BC Canada | SKU:

“I would not do it again. My ride now if rough and hard. Not like my friends 99 LS 400 or my last Lexus Ls400 which have a pleasant ride. This conversion is a huge disappointment.
I could not recommend this conversion to anyone and will advise my shop of my experience.”

Name: | Location: Boca Raton, FL United States | SKU:

Purchased the GX470 strut conversion kit to eliminate problems with air suspension system. After the install, the height control “off” lamp continually blinks on the instrument panel. Tech support ran me around for almost two weeks. Finally, they now admit that “the off light will flash once the install is finished with the vehicle in motion. There is currently no fix for this.” GREAT, thanks for mentioning this BEFORE I installed your product. Got the manager on the phone to request a refund due to the fact that nothing like this was mentioned to me ahead of purchase and install, and then had the nerve to say “nowhere in our listing do we say “”the “off” light” will NOT blink on and off for eternity”! And at this point I wouldn’t even trust them as far as I could throw them even if I were able to return the pieces and put back my old system. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!

Name: | Location: Agoura Hills, CA United States | SKU: TE1RB

At 120,000 miles, the conversion to Strutmasters coils from the Lexus air strut system was a no-brainer. The ride is virtually identical. The cost was ~1/3 the price of replacement OEM air struts. For the 8 years we’ve owned our 2005 GX470, we’ve never used the shock switch (comfort/sport) so losing the ability to adjust back & forth was not a concern. Our local mechanic had no trouble following the enclosed instructions and was impressed with the Strutmasters’ product.