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Name: | Location: Buckeye | SKU: FB2RB

The kit was installed by the same mechanic that I have used for many years. He indicated that the instructions were very helpful. He was able to install the kit in a manor that the “service the suspension” message doesn’t come on any longer.

The ride is better than with the OEM airbag assembly, that the car came with from the factory, and it returns the vehicle body to the factory spec height.

Also the Tech/Sales person, Darrell, that assisted me, via the “Chat” feature on the web site, was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

I highly recommend Strutmasters products for valve, quality, ease of installation and company’s employees assistance.

Name: | Location: Dayton,Ohio | SKU: FB1FB

Spoke with Jason and he helped me out with my 1994 Lincoln Continental. I got hooked up with the conversion struts that I needed …. Thank you Jason
Kimberly Carter 🙂
You all are the best

Name: | Location: Indianapolis indiana | SKU: FB2FB

I had just left the repair shop with an estimate of $1800.00 the parts alone were $1700.00. As I pondered just how I was going to be able to come up with the money I began to feel began to pray. I began searching the internet and I stumbled across Strutmasters completely by accident.. I called the number and was greeted by a very friendly professional lady by the name Donielle. She was able to find a strut conversion kit for my vehicle. She said the price with shipping was only $440.00. I literally started Praising God! Thank you JESUS, for Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Hoffman Estates, IL | SKU: FB24F

It took 2-3 days to get my parts, which was quick, and I took them to the shop. Upon picking up the car, the mechanic, told me that the parts fit my car perfectly and that the instructions that came with the parts were very helpful in the process of eliminating any error codes from the computer (as my car originally had an electric suspension). It’s been a few days and my ride feels smooth and I can’t tell the difference from the original suspension to this new one, which is definitely a good thing! The customer service I received was very friendly. If the rest of their products are as good as the one I purchased, then I certainly recommend them.

Name: | Location: NEWTON IA | SKU: FB24F

Darrel was very helpful in finding the best option for repair on this vehicle. Thank you for your help.

Name: | Location: FT WASHINGTON MD | SKU: FB24F

Jason was a great help. Get this guy a raise!

Name: | Location: Bolton nc | SKU: FB2FB

The product was great easy to install with or without the directions. The issue I had was with the tab on the side of the strut where the bolt goes through the strut to secure it to the hub assembly. The tab was a little flimsy to me the least little bind or pressure you put on it will cause it to bend and/or break.

Name: | Location: cedar rapids ia | SKU: FB24F

Jennifer was polite and courteous and knowledgeable.


Always a pleasure working with y’all!