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Name: | Location: Harbor Springs, MI | SKU: FD1RB

Ordered rear suspension kit for my 2002 Lincoln LS, it arrived quickly, installed in less than 1.5 hours. Great product.

Name: | Location: Painesville, Ohio | SKU: FD1RB

I changed my rear struts on my 02′ LS, I might say it was really quick just like they said, bolt off and bolt on and everything fit perfectly. It rides really smooth and good. When its time to change my front struts, I’ll know where to go back to for some really good quality. Customer service was awesome too on helping me find the right part for my car, I appreciate it, Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Clinton Twp., MI 48036 | SKU: FD1RB

I replaced the rear struts and springs on my 2003 Lincoln LS about 60,000 miles ago and the ride is still very firm. Now I need to replace the front suspension parts at 205,000 miles including the struts and springs. After experiencing the ease and simplicity of installing the rear kit and already knowing the quality, Strutmasters was the only choice for me. I am eagerly anticipating the feel of the complete ride.

I’ve had very good success in the past and am confident this time will be the same. Thank you very much Jennifer for all your assistance. You are very courteous and friendly. Thank You again.

Name: | Location: Barberton, OH United States | SKU: FD2FB

I can clearly see you have a very successful business and I will be sure to let all my friends and family know about your company. I also run an internet business selling golf cart parts and accessories that has exploded for us the past couple of years. Give Fred a pat on the back as well as he was very helpful on the phone.

Name: | Location: Saint Paul MN | SKU: FD1RB

Product was just OKAY – A huge benefit of having the spring and strut already assembled is you don’t need a strut compressor – I received the rear struts and the mounts were clocked wrong and had to dissassemble the new ones anyways…..frustrating to say the least

Name: | Location: Dallas, TX United States | SKU:

A friend put this kit on for me last week and it worked like a charm. A trusted mechanic had quoted about $2,000 to do the work and the kit was about $300, saving us tons of money and time. It took about an hour and he said it was no problem at all. Everything was there and instructions easy to follow. Thank you Strutmasters! Your guy was so nice!