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Name: | Location: Sioux Falls South Dakota | SKU: FF14F

Never thought I would see that car ride down to the road level again. Thanks, this is a great product!

Name: | Location: Nutley, NJ United States | SKU: FF140

easy and simple did front so far doing back next weekend rides like a sports car would recommend to all with lsc customer support is great will send pics 91 mark vii level 10 trans with flowmasters 197000 miles thanx strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Houlton, ME United States | SKU:

easy to install car handles and rides perfect customer is very pleased with kit

Name: | Location: Socorro, NM | SKU: FF1F0

Just a brief note of thanks to let you know that I think that your personal level of service is beyond all expectations!!!! I just finished replacing the front air bags on our Mark VII with your coil spring conversions and it has turned this car from a nightmare into a totally useable and better handling automobile. The conversion went smoothly…..and your excellent tips on the phone turned out to be right on the money. Thanks again for all of your advice and very thoughtful insight to the process. It is deeply appreciated.

Name: | Location: | SKU: FF1R0

“thank you and Strutmasters for a great price and easy installation instructions. I was done in no time, instead of waiting for a garage to rip me off for the labor and their price for parts were $550.00 + shipping for a total of $1163.00. Now, I’m back on the road again and did it all myself!!

Best regards,

Nick Basone”

Name: | Location: Plesanton, CA | SKU: FF1R0

When my Mark was becoming a ‘low rider’ I went to the Lincoln Dealership and asked what could be done. They said $478.00 and $300.00 to install ONE new air bag. I needed four. I asked about a conversion kit. They said “no such animal”. I decided to search the internet and found you right away. … Thank you for your help and advise. I will recommend you to every Lincoln owner that I cross paths with.

Name: | Location: | SKU: FF140

I just completed the installation of your Mark VII LSC Spring Conversion Kit. The installation went very smoothly and when completed, the car (as advertised) was at the factory ride height AGAIN. I would just like to thank everyone at your company for a QUALITY product. Thanks again.

Name: | Location: Livonia, MI United States | SKU: FF140

“Other then removing the Old factory parts..the New Strutmasters Parts Fit and Ride ..Perfect…Will Spread the News too all owners Of Mark VII I know…

Name: | Location: | SKU: FF140

The springs were a piece of cake to install! Thanks! Do you guys have other Lincoln parts? If so send me a catalog.