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Name: | Location: Cottonwood,Calif. | SKU: FG14F

The product was well packaged and of extremely good quality. The instructions were precise and to follow. Illustrations were excellent. I highly recommend this product to professional as well as weekend mechanics.

Name: | Location: Milan, MI. | SKU: FG14B1

Great product, great quality and ride performance. Lincoln Mark VIII LSCs should have come from the factory like this. Much better ride quality over the airbags. No squeaking or clunks. Much better handling.

Name: | Location: twin falls idaho | SKU: FG14F

Installed the 4 corner kit, customer stated that the car hadn’t rode that good in years! Ease of install, packaging, customer service, this is the place to deal with for suspension replacement!

Name: | Location: | SKU: FG14B

“Thanks for the prompt service on the spring for my Lincoln LSC. After I had them installed with new struts and shocks, the car rode great!

Thanks again,

John Golino”

Name: | Location: Hillsdale, MI United States | SKU: FG1FB

was fairly easy to install although had 2 situtations that could have been addressed in video. lower strut mounting bolt frozen in bushing and couldn’t get out, called tech support and a mechanic friend, eventually got them out. rear air bags won’t pump up, still don’t know why, is it because front struts are keeping height sensors from activating? if so how do you get compressor to pump up rear bags?

Name: | Location: Des Moines, Iowa | SKU: FG14B

I just want to say that your company certainly gives great customer service. I will always recommend you to anyone who has suspension problems. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure have much to be thankful for.

Name: | Location: United States | SKU: FG1R0


Name: | Location: Machesney Pk, IL United States | SKU: FG14B

I ordered the complete conversion kit for 97, mark 8 lincoln continental. Not only did you guys send the parts right away, but I was very impressed with the quality of parts, the easy ability to switch it over, the hotline were the guys I spoke to were really knowledgeable, and gave me good advice. It could not have gone any better and I think you guys are an excellent sales team and company. I appreciate everything you have done for me and in the future if I need something for the car you carry I’m definitely getting a hold of you again, thanks.

Name: | Location: United States | SKU: FG1R0

“I bought the set of struts for the car and all I can say, for the first time since I’ve owned the car I really enjoy it, everything is just perfect. Finally, I have the ride I’ve expected from Lincoln.

I wish Ford itself employed you guys to build the suspension for their cars, maybe they’ll continue the mark viii series. So, I really appreciate it.”