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Name: | Location: Nokomis, FL United States | SKU: FG14F

The suspension system had started to leak the airbag system. I replaced it with your system which was reasonably priced, and actually made it so I could get my car back on the road, which was what I was attempting to do. It was a relatively easy install, your instructions were good. I like the hand drawn diagrams, I thought they were a lot better than an lousy picture, they were accurate. I talked to your tech line a few times and they were very helpful, and everybody involved with this purchase I thought was easy and friendly and concerned. I appreciate that. Overall I would say it is a good solution for my needs and I am happy with the product thank you

Name: | Location: santa ana , CA United States | SKU: FG1R0

“Airbag to rear coil conversion on ’97 Lincoln MK VIII eliminated the recent sporadic rear end drop due to leaking bags. Glad I did it, ride and handling are great, only thing now is it sits a little higher, but should settle in time. Was torn between keeping the air and risking future issues on a 16 yr. old system (that served well by the way) or making the conversion. Decided to eliminate that possibility…no worries now. If the front ever starts causing concern, will convert it too!

Strutmasters stayed true to every claim, and their representative (Brad) was very helpful and totally customer oriented, even to the point of finding trustworthy, experienced local shops for the installation. First one I called was great and did an excellent job for a reasonable cost, up to and including disabling the “”Check Air Suspension”” warning. Good experience all around!”

Name: | Location: | SKU: FG1FB
Name: | Location: cumberland , VA United States | SKU: FG14G

“The website showed me the exact package for
replacing the leaking air suspension in my 1996
Lincoln Mark VIII LSC; the tech/order person was
knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.

The three packages arrived THE NEXT DAY! My local garage installed the front and rear suspension parts with no problem within a half-day, and the car sits and rides fine…and I never again have to listen to that compressor….”

Name: | Location: Omaha, NE United States | SKU: FG1FB

Thanks …Your The Man…Your staff was so kind to me thanks again! God Bless!

Name: | Location: | SKU: FG14B

“Gentlemen, I just ordered a new 4 wheel replacement suspension kit for my Lincoln Mark 8. I talked with Mike your representative at 8:30pm. I’d like to tell you that Mike was very courteous, informative and helpful when we discussed my purchase. He assured me that the system would perform above the original factory system and that if I wasn’t satisfied that I could call him back personally and he would handle any questions or problems.

I deal with multiple vendors as part of my work and I needed to tell you that my experience in dealing with your company and Mike was one of the most pleasant in quite awhile.

I look forward to receiving and installing the new conversion kit and am confident that it will perform as promised.”

Name: | Location: westland, MI United States | SKU: FG1FB

I cant believe how easy it really was to replace the front shocks and how fast they were sent to me. When i read that it only took about an hour to replace on each side i just didnt believe it, but it was true! Luck for me nothing was rusted and it did only take me an hour for each side. Thank you again for a fast delivery and simple fix.

Name: | Location: | SKU: FG14B

I received the conversion kit on Monday, and today I put the new coil springs on. The directions were very good, and it wasn’t that bad a job; except I did have to acquire a few more hydraulic jacks from a friend. The car rides great, and my wife said it rode better than before. … Thanks for your help, and I have already referred you to other Lincoln owners. Thanks for your cooperation.

Name: | Location: Bradenton, FL United States | SKU: FG1FB

Ok this rear kit i got about a year ago ROCKS!!Didnt have the $ to get full kit, But Now my friend is having prob’s with front, So Will be ordering it soon, I’m sure. I’ll make sure to get pictures this time, But anyway You cant go wrong with these kits there Totally AWESOME!!