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Name: | Location: DC | SKU: FX1RB

People were friendly and you had a good price.

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“The rear Air Suspension on my 99 Lincoln Navigator malfunctioned a Lil over a week ago and I was undecided on how to go about fixing the problem until I did some research on YouTube which sent me to the Strutmasters link, thanks to Jason the alternative suspensions that I’ve heard about over the years really works. Again thank you to Jason and the Strutmasters team it’s a pleasure doing business with you and looking
Forward to continuing”

Name: | Location: Las Vegas, NV United States | SKU: FX1R0

“the car runs great now and they were very easy to install.


Name: | Location: Virginia | SKU: FX14B

GREAT riding system to replace my Navigator air bag system. AWESOME Cust Service!

Name: | Location: Cleveland, OH | SKU: FX14FB

“hi chip. i just want to thank you for the very nice wishes over the holiday weekend and i wish you and your family had a great holiday weekend also. also thanks for being a helpful and great company to do business with.. my company will do business with yours in the future….

thanks again
orlando garcia
mufflers for less- owner”

Name: | Location: Virginia Beach, VA United States | SKU: FX14B

The parts went on my truck,the truck rides better then ever and it took about 4 hours including unhooking the lite in the dash.I m very very happy with this kit ! Thanks.The stature of the vehicle is even better.

Name: | Location: Chandler, AZ United States | SKU: A-2148

“We installed the rear air springs on the lincoln navigator that we purchased from your company. The are working fine and the customer is very happy to get her air ride back. She did not want a less comfortable ride as a result of doing a conversion away from her air suspension.
Thank you for your products.
mike annala
mikes auto service

Name: | Location: Lancaster, PA United States | SKU: FX1R0

“I replaced my rear Air springs with Strutmaster regular springs last weekend. The entire job took about 3 hours and most of that time was getting my Expedition lifted high enough work on it. The jacks that I have, lifted the Expedition high enough to to change the tire but not high enough to pull the axle down to provide room to install the new spring (For safety, I did use jack stands once the vehicle was lifted). Once that was solved the replacement went smoothly.

All in all I’m very happy with the springs and I’m glad to be rid of my problematic rear air suspension. If and when the front suspension goes, I will definitely replace it with you standard spring/shock front suspension kit.

Andrew Hassara”

Name: | Location: Lynchburg,VA United States | SKU: FX14B

“Hi Pattie,

Thanks so much for everything you did for me. The packages arrived today (at the right address)!! You and your Company are First Class!