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Name: | Location: Clinton Twp., MI 48036 | SKU: FD1RB

I replaced the rear struts and springs on my 2003 Lincoln LS about 60,000 miles ago and the ride is still very firm. Now I need to replace the front suspension parts at 205,000 miles including the struts and springs. After experiencing the ease and simplicity of installing the rear kit and already knowing the quality, Strutmasters was the only choice for me. I am eagerly anticipating the feel of the complete ride.

I’ve had very good success in the past and am confident this time will be the same. Thank you very much Jennifer for all your assistance. You are very courteous and friendly. Thank You again.

Name: | Location: Indianapolis indiana | SKU: FB2FB

I had just left the repair shop with an estimate of $1800.00 the parts alone were $1700.00. As I pondered just how I was going to be able to come up with the money I began to feel began to pray. I began searching the internet and I stumbled across Strutmasters completely by accident.. I called the number and was greeted by a very friendly professional lady by the name Donielle. She was able to find a strut conversion kit for my vehicle. She said the price with shipping was only $440.00. I literally started Praising God! Thank you JESUS, for Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: California | SKU: FA14F

Did the swap on my dads town car and he was really happy with the ride quality of the suspension. Aside from that the customer service was great I’d definitely recommend strut masters to anyone looking to get rid of the air ride suspension in these cars. Thanks for the help.

Name: | Location: Phoenix Arizona | SKU: FX24FM2

I just wanted to thank your company for the amazing kit I purchased. It was exactly what I needed, and Jason in sales was fantastic. He explained all my options, listened to my concerns about ride performance and insured I wouldn’t even notice a difference, He was correct on all accounts, He assured me it would be here in 4 days even though it was Columbus day holiday and it did, I read a review online that was not favorable and they could not be more wrong. Every time I called the call was answered right away, the tech line was great as well. If anyone asks the labor time was only 1.5 hours by a mechanic who came to home and used a jack not a lift. Don’t let mechanics tell your customers it should take 4-5 hours they are ripping them off.

Thanks again Jason and Strutmasters you are worth every dime.

Mickey Aghabekian

Name: | Location: Patterson,La | SKU: FA54F

The guy was very knowledgeable of the parts. He also knew we needed the parts ASAP so he let me knew that he would get the parts out ASAP. Thanks again.

Name: | Location: Hoffman Estates, IL | SKU: FB24F

It took 2-3 days to get my parts, which was quick, and I took them to the shop. Upon picking up the car, the mechanic, told me that the parts fit my car perfectly and that the instructions that came with the parts were very helpful in the process of eliminating any error codes from the computer (as my car originally had an electric suspension). It’s been a few days and my ride feels smooth and I can’t tell the difference from the original suspension to this new one, which is definitely a good thing! The customer service I received was very friendly. If the rest of their products are as good as the one I purchased, then I certainly recommend them.

Name: | Location: Sioux Falls South Dakota | SKU: FF14F

Never thought I would see that car ride down to the road level again. Thanks, this is a great product!

Name: | Location: Denton, NC | SKU: FA3RB

I reviewed the site and spoke with Jason, great customer service, installation went well. I had to use hydraulic jack to install springs. The ride is excellent! My car is more sporty. What a great product!

Name: | Location: Tampa, FL | SKU: FA3RB

Will at Strutmasters was courteous and professional, and made ordering a breeze. Thank you. Now when I see a Lincoln “sitting down,” I tell them to go to I consider it my good deed for the day.