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Name: | Location: fayetteville north carolina | SKU: FA2RB

Each time that my mothers Lincolns have had air suspension problems, and all three have, my family has turned to your company to solve our problem. I am her son so I am the one who does the installing of the kits. Very simple to install, plus all the savings means a lot to us as I’m sure it does to many people at this time. She sure loves her Lincolns, thanks for helping me keep them running. C Auten

Name: | Location: Plymouth MI | SKU: FX24E

Always have great customer service when calling Strutmasters and have always received quality products! Great parts and customer service!

Name: | Location: Bellflower,ca | SKU: FX24FM2

Hi this is Oscar from S&S auto Repair and we had order a kit for a 2005 Lincoln Navigator and the attention to detail of all the instructions were very good and all the wiring specifications were spot on. We wanted to thank Darrel at the service for helping us with the proper kit for the vehicle. And all the team members that work at Strutmaster. Remember, it’s not just “I” –  it’s a team effort that you all should get congratulated for your hard work and well done craftsmanship on your strut assemblies.  Again thanks to the Strutmaster team for all your help.

Name: | Location: DC | SKU: FX1RB

People were friendly and you had a good price.


Always a pleasure working with y’all!

Name: | Location: Sunny Fort Lauderdale | SKU: fx24fm

So.. we have an 04 Lincoln Navi that we love, except for that air suspension. We have replaced the suspension air bags 3 times and a new pump over the course of our ownership. Every 2 years like clock work we replaced the front, then the back, then the front again. This last time was the final straw. I was ready to just sell the thing until I found Strutmasters conversion kit. Don’t waste your time paying for a diagnostic fee from the dealer like I did, just call Strutmasters. The Service Rep. was very knowledgeable and explained what was going on w/ our Navi and how the suspension bags eventually fail, especially during cold weather. As he promised, the 4 Strutmasters Coilover Shocks arrived completely assembled, in 2 days. Yep, I ordered Tuesday, on my front porch Thursday. Installation was a breeze according to my mechanic who said it was essentially like just replacing 4 shocks and plugging in the included Strutmasters module to our truck’s computer. Our Navigator is returned to its luxurious ride, no “Check Air Suspension” dash light and never again will we be bothered by that nasty air suspension. ***** (5 Stars!)

Name: | Location: Crestview, FL | SKU: FX24FM

Jason was fantastic he help me in every little detail and even explaining all the problem that might happen before I even ask or even know what to ask. He was very knowledgeable and very wonderful getting everything done and out the door on the same day. He took his time to make sure everything was there and if I had any other problems, also gave me his number and recommended me to give our mechanic the number if anything might come up so they can call to fix the issues. In the end, it was very easy and smooth talking to Jason I will definitely recommend this to my friend if they want to order anything in the future.

Name: | Location: worcester mass. | SKU: FX34F

I own a auto repair business and am very happy with the customer service I recived from Jason from strutmasters. My clients are important to me and having a parts professional who can answer difficult questions and get me the right part is critical. Jason was knowlegable in product information as well as warranty and delivery time. Working with Jason made me and my client much more comfortable, and we were able to place an order same day. Thanks Jason and the Strutmaster team for a job well done. Lenny from Mass

Name: | Location: Dallas, TX | SKU: FX24FM

Donielle has been wonderful over the past week assisting me!!!
Her pleasant personality and awesome customer service has calmed my nerves.
Ordering parts for my Navigator WAS NOT a nightmare nor did I feel like I was taken advantage of just because I’m a women that knows very little about auto parts…LOL

I’ll definitely recommend friends/family to STRUTMASTERS!!!

Felicia Davis Hopson