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Name: | Location: Rockport TX | SKU: FA3RB

Donielle was a lot of help determining that I would be better off using a suspension conversion rather than replacing air parts. She was very knowledgeable and pleasant. I just ordered the parts but I feel confident it will do just fine.

Name: | Location: Conroe | SKU: AS104

Great price –  good service – very nice! I have gotten many products over the years but Strutmasters is the best place for conversion kits! Good instructions!

Name: | Location: Bloomington mn | SKU: FX24FM

Special thanks to Jason for assisting me today.

He completed my order in record time and was a pleasure to work with. The conversation with Jason helped me decide the correct shocks for my navigator, and no more check suspensions issues with the light out module.

Thank you Strutmasters

Joe in MSP

Name: | Location: 4032 honeymoon ridge | SKU: FB2RB

Found strut masters website from a Google search after the rear end of my 2002 Lincoln Continental settled when parked. Called customer service and spoke with Jason. He could not have been more friendly or knowledgeable about navigating the website, helping me find the right kit, answering questions about the kit or steering me to product tech support when required during the installation. (The kit was perfect, turns out the car had another issue with the onboard electronics that tech support helped me isolate, thank you!)

Highly recommended. Easy, straight forward installation…I will ask for Jason next time too!

Regards, Tom

Name: | Location: lincoln | SKU: FX24FM2

Thank you! Jason was very helpful.  This is a good product and now no more warning light on the dashboard.

Name: | Location: 55437 | SKU: FA2RB

Great experience with Will Norris. Very helpful

Name: | Location: Savannah Missouri | SKU: FJ2R02

I ordered this product because my limousine was sagging in the rear and would scrape the ground when we were entering or exiting parking lots. I bought this product because of the helper springs that it came with. Working with this company to get this ordered was amazing! When I received the order it was packaged very well!

Installing the springs. When I was installing the springs it was very easy and the instructions had all the information I needed. Literally any one with some basic mechanical skills could install these springs. This was very easy to do. I have no complaints!

How well it worked. These made my limousine go from dragging to riding very comfortably, even with 10 adults in the car!!! I could not be more happy about how much it improved the look, ride quality and ground clearance of my limousine!!!

I would recommend this part to anyone who has a sagging rear suspension or swapping from the rear air bag suspension!

Name: | Location: Richmond | SKU: Fx24fm

Perfect fit

Name: | Location: franklin tn | SKU: FX3M

We purchased a conversion kit for this vehicle last year. after installation air suspension light was on. we called your company and they knew about issue but their was not a fix yet. A year later the kit is finally available but at a cost, Also the left front strut was leaking oil. As the Rep. was nice and advised we had to pay shipping for your defective part and $212.19 for a part that should have been supplied in original kit. Tell me how I can pass theses expenses off to my customer ( I cant)