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Name: | Location: Macon | SKU: FB2RB

Jason was awesome! When I called initially I was feeling very confused and overwhelmed. The local shops in my area had sold me a rear conversion kit that only had coils and the shocks were going to be $275 a piece…. that’s almost $600 in just parts!. Jason walked me through process, sent me email with a quote, offered to speak directly with my mechanic and then followed up that evening to make sure all was ok! So of course I just placed order. I’ll have my correct parts in next week all for $329. I am so happy and will definitely be ordering future parts from you guys!

Name: | Location: Canton, MI | SKU: FA2RB

“Online system very easy to to work with”

Name: | Location: | SKU: FA3RB

“Great inexpensive alternative for us.”

Name: | Location: Pleasant Grove | SKU: FX24F

“Very good service from the representative that I spoke with on the phone. Parts arrived in a couple of days, very nice service for ground delivery. The only problem, is one of the boxes arrived open, hopefully nothing fell out thanks. Parts going on this weekend. Thanks”

Name: | Location: | SKU: FX1R0

“The rear Air Suspension on my 99 Lincoln Navigator malfunctioned a Lil over a week ago and I was undecided on how to go about fixing the problem until I did some research on YouTube which sent me to the Strutmasters link, thanks to Jason the alternative suspensions that I’ve heard about over the years really works. Again thank you to Jason and the Strutmasters team it’s a pleasure doing business with you and looking
Forward to continuing”

Name: | Location: Florida | SKU: FX24F

“Just bought this my 2005 Navigator. MAN WHAT a DIFFERENCE. Can’t believe how awesome my Navi rides. I love the piece of mind of not worrying about my air ride and the red springs look cool. Thanks Strutmasters!”

Name: | Location: Naperville, IL | SKU: FB14F

“Your struts are working great. My wife is very happy to have the suspension
working. Thanks for hearing me. GOOD PRODUCT.”

Name: | Location: Union, OH United States | SKU: FA14F

“Thanks so much for the followup inquiry. The suspension upgrade went very smoothly. I was a little aprehensive, having never used Strutmasters products in the past. The parts were exactly as
advertised and fit perfectly requiring no modifications. I will certainly consider your products in the future and will have no problem recommending your company and your products to others.

I would love to have a few “”Strutmasters”” decals for my toolboxes and any other stickers for the products I purchased or other products offered by your company, Monroe, Skyjacker, Air Lift, Rancho, Roadmaster, whatever you could provide.

Thanks again,
Todd Duff”

Name: | Location: Fort Collins, CO United States | SKU: FA1R0

“The height is just as the factory ment it to be. I no longer scrape and don’t have to keep fixing broken muffler ends.
Do not hesitate to get these, you’ll fall in love with your towncar all over again. I am now driving my Towncar more than my 2007 Toyota.