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Name: | Location: Muskogee, ok | SKU: MS14FM

Strutmasters has created a great product replacement for Air strut replacement! The Strutmaster struts provides a smooth ride and comfort that Mercedes has become synonymous with. The Strutmasters ride is almost identical to the OEM struts. I would recommend this product to anyone needing to replace air struts, with this type of conversion you won’t lose! It’s well worth the price. I had the best customer interaction with Donielle. She was very attentive to my needs and made sure that I had everything I needed to help me with the conversion. Her customer relation skills exceeded all of my expectations. She was a pure pleasure in assisting me with all of my needs!. Thank you!

Name: | Location: Muskogee, ok | SKU: MS14FM

Great product!

Name: | Location: Greensboro NC | SKU: MS14FM

Great ride & a great team. I like your Auto Museum, lots of history. Thanks to all – Jerry

Name: | Location: Saint Petersburg FL | SKU: MS14FM

Jennifer was so kind to help me get to the conversion kit. The transaction was very easy over the phone. Thank you Jennifer – it was a great deal!


Name: | Location: Greensboro NC | SKU: MS14FM

Great job Strutmasters Team! Very knowledgeable & professional. I had this problem with my 03 S430 for 3 yrs. now. Thanks to Strutmasters the problem no longer exists & I saved a lot of money & the ride is great. Being from Greensboro & Strutmasters being in Roxboro NC 70 miles away, I set up a appointment and drove my S430 to Roxboro, slowly! Nice meet and greet with Darrell, Matt, Randy & JP, all very nice people. I was invited to tour around the office & the Auto Museum. Lots of History, Autos, Sports & Stuff. Thanks Strutmasters, I am so happy to be rid of the suspension problem. Please let everyone know you are located in Roxboro, NC.
Thanks again. Jerry

Name: | Location: Decatur, GA United States | SKU: MS14F

I am so pleased I learned of strutmasters conversion kit. My car was sitting on the ground. It would have cost in excess of $6000 to repair. I fix with just over $2100, including labor. I still have the smooth ride and the security of never having to experience of the late night car failure.

Name: | Location: Toronto, ON Canada | SKU: MS14F

Hi Angelo. I made the conversion and it was a success. The car rides well and the customer is very happy. I am so pleased you guys do such a good job and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you. Thanks for the great work.

Name: | Location: Durham, NC United States | SKU: MS14F

Awesome shipping. I switch to non air struts because of the noise my pump was making. Jason at Strurmasters is the man,helped me out more then once and for half the price of going to the dealer and even have the switches to cut the message out.

Name: | Location: temple hills, MD United States | SKU: MS14F

(Product Code: -MBENZ-4-S500) These guys have the best customer service…ordered the wrong part for my vehicle. Strutmasters quicky remedied the situation…was a pleasure doing business with you all..I would definitely recommend strutmasters