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Name: | Location: Summerville SC | SKU: MS14FM

My Benz was slammed to the ground. It is no more. The front is actually sky high which I can’t stand but @ least she ain’t scrapin asphalt.. Wish I could’ve had them installed @ Strutmasters facility in Roxboro NC but that wasn’t an option due to them building new facility.

Name: | Location: Riverside | SKU: MS14FM

When I called Strutmasters, I encountered a very informative gentlemen named: (Darrell Chandler), that informed me on my issues and gave me knowledge of various options to satisfy my mechanical needs. This experience was over and above customer service, I felt more like a friend then a customer. My needs were met and the issue solved. Darrell Chandler provided excellent service.

Victor Hodgson

Name: | Location: Toronto, ON Canada | SKU: MS14F

Hi Angelo. I made the conversion and it was a success. The car rides well and the customer is very happy. I am so pleased you guys do such a good job and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you. Thanks for the great work.

Name: | Location: Phoenix, AZ United States | SKU: MW1RB

I got this kit for my mechanic so i didn’t have to spend $1200 or more on hydraulic shocks. After replacing the old shocks, my 1995 S500 rides great. The only reason I gave this review 4 stars was because the mech said that it was a tough conversion and he did not see how it could be done in just a couple of hours (it took him about 7). From my perspective as the end user, it’s 5 stars all the way. The price was very reasonable (new shocks alone are about $110) and shipping was very fast.

Name: | Location: Pooler, GA United States | SKU: MS14F

I converted my 2000 MB S500, I am very pleased with the ride a little stiffer but with not more air problems it’s great. I only have one problem after about 30 miles of driving my dash light says air ride is bad, it resets when engine is shut off.

Name: | Location: Brooklyn, NY United States | SKU: MS14F

I recently purchased Struts and Shocks for my S500 and I must admit that’s the best decision I’ve made in years when it comes to fixing cars! I also needed advice w/the installation and when I spoke to the staff at StrutMasters I literally got a step by step lesson which I totally needed but was afraid to ask for!!! This experience has me looking for cars with busted air suspensions just so I can convert and make a BIG PROFIT!!!!!

Name: | Location: Deer Park, NY United States | SKU: MS14F

I did the Strutmasters coil over conversion on my ABC equipped 2001 S500. I’m very happy with the results and the ride is back to normal. I bought my car with an inactive ABC system and rather than pour thousands of dollars on an unreliable system, I decided to go with the Strutmasters conversion. Installation was overall very easy and straightforward however the only problem I ran into was that the front “quick disconnect” connections were frozen and not so quick to disconnect. After speaking with a Strutmasters tech, I was able to remove the entire line and plug from the valve. I was able to install the rear struts by myself even though they suggest 2 people. I just inserted the strut up into the strut tower and then I used my extra jack to support the strut while I tightened the 3 nuts on top of the strut inside the car. I drove the car around for a while to let things settle and then had my car aligned. This can all be done by the DIY’er in 1 afternoon.