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Name: | Location: Atlanta, GA | SKU: MK14GM

I researched my options thoroughly and am thrilled with my decision to go with the complete suspension conversion kit – removing the airmatic system. The Strutmasters employees on the phone were extremely helpful. Now that the kit is installed, my GL450 rides better than ever and as my mechanic says…”I will never have to deal with suspension problems again.” My only regret is that replaced one front airstrut about 6 months before learning about Strutmasters – that repair alone cost me about 75% of what I incurred in total for the complete suspension conversion (parts and labor). Very happy with my results using Strutmasters.

Name: | Location: Charlotte, NC | SKU: MB14FM

I would say it it worth the time and money to do the conversion. The only two issues I see are the car sits a little higher than before and coming off the ramp on the highway with speed its not level as before. For normal every day driving its great, even at high speeds its smooth and firm. For people who are more into performance, you will notice the difference only in turns. My wife for example won’t know. Install was easy. I’d recommend it all in all, I don’t regret it. Oh and the light fix module gets rid of the red ABC light but not the white ABC.

Name: | Location: Norwalk, Ca | SKU: MS14FM

My 2001 s500 Mercedes Benz hydraulic suspension failed. So instead of having it replaced with oem struts. I called Jason @ strutmasters and purchased the coilover conversion kit. I paid my mechanic 500 usd to install it. Contrary to peoples opinion about Strumasters and negative review of the product on the Mercedes Benz forum, the s500 ride is super smooth and performed like a new car. I drove the vehicle at different speeds from normal city driving with lots of stop and go and freeway driving @speed 75 up to 140mph when it’s safe to do so for 2 weeks and my conclusion is that the Strutmasters coilover kit is superbly manufactured and performed very well. I rate it from 1 to 10, believe it a happy 10. Thank you Strutmasters for a great product. And saving me money. God bless the USA and God bless all of you @ Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Greensboro NC | SKU: MS14FM

Great ride & a great team. I like your Auto Museum, lots of history. Thanks to all – Jerry

Name: | Location: Henrico | SKU: MJ14F

I brought another strut kit from another company and they did not fit. Then I brought strut conversion kit from Strutmasters and they went on beautifully. I can’t express enough how thankful I am for u guys. You got me back on the road and riding sooooooo smooth. Besides being recommended to you guys by three mechanics, I will share my story and recommend you to everyone. Thank You so much for your expertise and professionalism! !!

Name: | Location: Lyman SC | SKU: MU14FM

I found Strutmasters from an internet search. I must say it was my lucky day. My 2007 Mercedes S550 was on the bench for 3 weeks prior because of the outrageous replacement prices of the OEM air struts. The customer service representative Mrs. D was awesome, she located the struts for my vehicle and process the order in less than 10 minutes. The new conversion kit was on my door steps in 2 days. Long story short, my 07 is back on the road and riding as smooth as ever.. Thanks Strutmasters.


Name: | Location: Houston Tx | SKU: MB14FM

I was in need of repairing my 2003 Mercedes CL500 that has the ABC suspension. After speaking with the dealership and them quoting me a ridiculous amount for repairs, I spoke with Will of Strutmasters. He was very thorough in explaining the advantages of a complete change out of the suspension with their kit. From clearing the codes to a dynamic performance and sturdy ride from the struts they provide. Strutmasters products are solid and hold up to perform as needed. Great communication from start to finish. I truly pleased in all ways! I don’t have to worry about costly repairs to my ABC system anymore. Strutmasters was worth every bit of money and if I had to repair another vehicle in the same manner – Strutmasters is my team.

Name: | Location: New York | SKU: MK14GM

Thanks Donielle, best attention and fast response!

Name: | Location: Augusta Georgia | SKU: MS14FM

I talked to Jason about conversion kit for my Mercedes s500. He made it possible & I saved money. Thank you, Jason