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Name: | Location: Suisun city Ca | SKU: MU24FM

My name is Elizabeth, let me tell you first, the customer service was friendly and informative, product arrived on time. I converted the air suspension on my 2002- S500 merz to strutmasters
suspension, the mechanic who removed and installed the parts found that the instructions that came with the struts made the job easy, but refused to finished the electrical part, he didnt want to cut the wires as indicated with the instructions, but I was able to locate a STRUTMASTER video on their website, I followed the instruction and I was able to do the electrical wiring myself. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars.

Name: | Location: peoria, az | SKU: MB14F

Perfect fit, perfect clearance.

Name: | Location: Alexandria lLouisiana | SKU: MX14FM

The product is a godsend Donielle has the absolute best customer skills I have seen in my life . Speaking with her is like talking to a old friend . The crew at strut masters are awesome Donielle you are the very best . Thank you

Name: | Location: Puerto Rico | SKU: MR1RB

“Thank You and i’m very happy for buy Strutmaster kit rear convertion for my Mercedes R350.
Good Service . Angel Morales Puerto Rico/Orlando FL.”

Name: | Location: Finlan | SKU: MB14FM

“Workshop very Wells shock absorbers”

Name: | Location: Scotland | SKU: MB14FM

“Fitted the 4 new struts, and they are exellent, no more endless repairs to the money pit ABC system. The coilovers are maintenence free. the transaction went perfectly, appart from the black box module which is supposed to to turn off the ABC warning on the dash, (it doesn’t) so i have to press the reset button on the dash every time i start the old girl up. Even got an auto electrician to have a go – NO JOY . So the module was a waste of money, but very happy with the struts.”

Name: | Location: Bowie, MD | SKU: MB14FM

“I purchased this kit for my Mercedes CL600 (w215) which had a leak in one of the hydraulic lines. Mercedes wanted around $3500-$4200 to replace line and flush system. These guys are the Greatest; besides their many years of experience with NASCAR and racing they showed a vested interest to get my car tuned as if I had paid thousands of dollars. I provided them with my thoughts on handling after test driving, they kept my car for a week (I lived out of town) and re-tuned my suspension. My car now drives similar to the hydraulics (not as smooth under 50mph); but over 50mph it squats as before and hugs the road. I would recommend this conversion to any Mercedes owner. I had many friends and people I’ve met state that they hated to get rid of their car but the cost of suspension repairs were too much. Keep the car and upgrade to this conversion kit, you won’t regret it.”

Name: | Location: San Diego, CA | SKU: MU14FM

“Spoke with Darrell and after 15 minutes with him on the phone, I could tell that he was very knowledgeable and willing to take care of any concern that I had.”

Name: | Location: jacksonwille | SKU: MA1M

“Mercedes S 430 I payd for my car $63.00 and I feel like riding a tractor and + They want me to pay $399 for Light Fix Medule hahah nice … Buy this if you want to go back into the past, I had to change again everything back.Please save your $$$$ is just BOL >>>>>”