Strutmasters Rescues Lexus LS 460 Owners with New Conversion Kit

  The Lexus LS 460, model years 2007-2012, was many things. A grand, stately throwback to the larger sedans of the 90s. An executive-level car with elegant styling that rivaled anything in its class from any part of the world. Unfortunately, an example of long-lasting, durable air suspension is something it was not.



The Lexus LS 460 brought the large luxury sedan that put Lexus on the map back to the forefront.
The Lexus LS 460 brought the large luxury sedan that put Lexus on the map back to the forefront.



While much about the car has been praised over the years, the problems with its air suspension have been well-documented. Many owners of the vehicle complained about everything from faulty bushings that wore out after just 12,000 miles to struts that gave out after just over 50,000 miles. Lexus tried to correct the problem by offering free labor when replacing air suspension components to some of its customers. However, given the nature of air suspensions, repairs just led to the need for more repairs.


   After hearing these complaints, Strutmasters’ engineers jumped on designing a kit that could convert this model from air to coilover suspension. The result is one of the company’s finest kits to date–one that completely eliminates Lexus’ faulty air suspension components and replaces it with sturdy, reliable coils.

   “We always try to keep an eye on consumer complaint channels to see who is having problems and could benefit from a conversion kit,” explained Matt Lofton, Vice President of Strutmasters. “Once we saw the number of issues people were having with this air ride on the LS 460 and got a few calls from folks looking for a conversion we knew it was time to get to work.”

   Some of the earlier conversion kits that were designed for the LS 460 were priced at or above $2,000, not too much less than reinstalling OEM-style air suspension components. As is the Strutmasters way, the company has been able to deliver a kit that does the same job replacing the suspension on all four wheels for just under $800, less than replacing one air strut at the dealer.

   Owners considering switching over to the much more reliable coilover suspension should also take note that this kit also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, meaning their days of throwing money at this faulty suspension are over after they convert.

    Check out the kit here on the company’s website or call the hotline at (866) 830-5450 to learn more or place your order today.