1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Conversion Kit With 4 Shocks (FA2RF) Review Jack Tomkins

Strutmasters 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Conversion Kit With 4 Shocks (FA2RF) Review

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In a word, OUTSTANDING!!!!

“In a word, my experience with Strutmasters ….. OUTSTANDING !!!!!

On June 26, I spoke to Jason about my problem (leaking air bag on my 1997 Lincoln Town Car). Jason did a great job in explaining how the problems occur and what the options were to address them; take it to a Lincoln dealership and be prepared to pay a premium to fix the problem, or replace the air suspension system with a non air system from your firm. He took the time to step me through the process and when he was finished, I was convinced that the right way to proceed was the Strutmaster option. Jason is to be commended on his sales technique and is a great representative for your company. Please thank him again for me.

After placing the order, Jason informed me that the parts would ship out on June 28, and as long as there was no delay at the border, the parts should be in Winnipeg by July 2. I had no sooner hung up the phone after talking to Jason, when I received a confirmation of my order and shipping tracking data, via email. I tracked the shipment from the time it was picked up by UPS at your factory to the time it arrived in Winnipeg. Guess what, it arrived on July 2 and was delivered to my home on July 5 at 10:00 a.m.

I arranged with my mechanic to do the installation which took place on July 7. It took him 2 hours to replace the front and back shocks and remove the air bags and install the coil springs. Once he installed the first one, the second one was “” a piece of cake “”. Overall, he was/is impressed with not only the product but the pricing and would recommend Strutmasters option to any of his customers. For your info, he was not familiar with your product beforehand.

My impression of the ride quality is hard to judge. By that I mean, the air ride was great and the “”new”” ride is just as good and maybe, a little better. I have to drive it for a while to really get an appreciation for it.

In a nutshell, the service was GREAT, the product is GREAT, the price was/is FANTASTIC. I don’t know what it would have cost to have the air system fixed, but based on what I do know, I have saved a pile of “”greenbacks””, and I owe it all to Strutmasters. One suggestion I would have is that you give consideration to advertising your company and offerings in Canada. I have spoken to a number of my acquaintances, some of them mechanics, or at least so inclined, and none of them are familiar with Strutmasters. I will certainly “”spread the word”” when the opportunity arises and be a “”nonofficial Canadian rep”” for your company.

You have a product, company and personnel that you should be proud of and I wish you continued success. For your info, my other car is a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis and if and when I have problems with the air ride on it, you will be receiving another call from me !

Yours sincerely

Jack ………………….

PS Feel free to use my name as another one of your more than satisfied customers.”

~ Review by Jack Tomkins, Winnipeg, MB Canada

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