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Name: | Location: Katy | SKU: GC14F

I was at a loss for how to improve the ride on my 2002 Suburban. I had recently replaced the front shocks and it still felt like a swishy boat going down bumpy roads. I was looking at $1400 to replace original rear shocks and didn’t really trust it would improve the ride that much. Did a Google search for an alternative solution and came across Strutmasters. Talked with Darrell (very good info and not pushy) and he was straight-up on how much improvement I would get. Couldn’t believe the price for parts was less than $500 for my vehicle.

I asked my mechanic if this was legit and if conversion was a common practice — he gave the thumbs up, so I took the plunge in desperation.

Received all the parts in 3 days and put it in the shop for conversion. This was Thursday before the Fourth of July when we were planning to leave on a 5.5 hour trip to South Texas. Wow! What a difference. What a sweet ride. I think it’s better than new. I would highly recommend Strutmasters to all Suburban owners.

Name: | Location: Ny | SKU: NA1RB

I bought a conversation kit for my 04 Armada it was the best thing I could of done, it now rides like new. The guy, Jason, from Strutmasters was the best! He explained everything! He is the best – don’t waste time call him!

Name: | Location: St. Paul, MN | SKU: GC14F

Thank you Strutmasters for getting my vehicle back to a very comfortable ride. My air ride system was starting to fail and the conversion system was just the answer I needed. Installed myself with no problems at all. All parts fit perfectly and ride quality is great.

Name: | Location: N. Las Vegas | SKU: TC14F


I spend money on other aftermarket struts from ebay, they only left me unsatisfied. I was frustrated with the aftermarket struts and wasn’t having any success.

One day I was browsing the internet and came across Strut-masters.

Jay, the sales representative was very helpful in getting me outfitted with the right equipment for my vehicle. I’M VERY PLEASED WITH THE PRODUCT

Sincerely, Thanks

Name: | Location: Las Vegas, NV | SKU: JA14FM

First off, Donielle in the office at Strutmasters was fantastic! Answered all my questions, processed my order and sent me some possible shops to get the work done. My parts arrived on time and in full, though her shop recommendations were all unusable for various reasons.

My Cat was lolling around and laying down on its bumpstops on the old bags, but one set of strutmaster coilover conversion and three hours on the lift cured what ailed it. The ride is fantastic, handling is great, and I will NEVER again have a single thought of my air suspension failing at a bad time. The shop I used had a bit of trouble with the electronic override module, but got it right the first time.

Thank you Donielle and Strutmasters.


Name: | Location: Edmond, OK | SKU: TE1RB

The passenger side air bag failed on our GX 470. The driver’s side airbag had cracks in it and the condition of the air compressor was unknown. After much research, decided to purchase the Strutmasters conversion kit. The quality of the components is excellent. I do have some install suggestions that would help:

1. After raising and supporting the vehicle, remove the spare tire which will allow more room to remove the old air bags and for installing the new coil springs.
2. When installing the lower coil spring plate/puck assembly, I super glued the flat washer and lock washer together, then super glued those two washers to the underside of the rear axle perch. This made it much easier to install the bolt and nut since the space below the spring perch is confined.
3. Kick panel removal – first remove the “dead pedal” next to the kick panel. It pops off with a flat blade screwdriver. Then remove the retaining nut holding the kick panel in place.

After the kit was installed, the ride is very good. The vehicle is slightly taller in the back. There have been no issues with any of the springs or shocks and no strange noises. Overall I would recommend the kit to anyone. It took me most of a day to install, taking my time. The worst part was cutting off the top nut on the old shocks.

Name: | Location: Park City | SKU: LB44F

I purchased my RRS used in March of this year with 105.000 miles. I found the one I wanted out of state and after purchasing it I drove it back to Kansas. After about 100 mile, I get this suspension light and the vehicle began to drive almost like riding on a boat. I took it to the dealer in my state and they quoted me an extremely high price to fix the suspension system. needless to say I was dumbfounded at the cost to repair a system that I realized, I would never use…..I am not taking this vehicle off-road or rock climbing. So I began to search for a solution to my suspension issues. I found Strutmasters and talked with Darrell who ensured me that I would like this product (LB44F) for my RRS. He was right, After having these installed I have driven this vehicle every where with no concerns of being stranded and the ride is wonderful. I highly recommend this product for your vehicle if you are needing an alternative to the high cost of constant air system maintenance.

Name: | Location: WA | SKU: GC14F

Thanks for the quality parts and support for the installing the conversion kit. Your Youtube videos are great help. The electrical parts worked and no warning lights came on. I was very satisfied and will refer others to your site.

Name: | Location: cary illinois | SKU: GC14F

Top quality parts. Super fast shipping. Great customer service and tech support.