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Name: | Location: Wolcott CT | SKU: MS14FM

Great work Jason. Everything was very clear and on time. We have not put the parts yet in our car but your service was great.

Name: | Location: Queens, NY | SKU: TF14F

After much research, I decided to go with Strutmasters to convert my 1999 Lexus LX470 from the original (problematic and failing) AHC suspension to the traditional shock and spring suspension of the Toyota Landcruiser. Strutmasters kit made the process swift and straightforward. The product itself is surprisingly heavy duty and sturdy and has been a delight to drive for the last 9 months or so. The instructions were straightforward and made the conversion a breeze. Moreover, the support from Donielle and the technicians has been outstanding, with quick replies and no-nonsense answers. The whole kit plus installation cost me under a thousand bucks as opposed to the $4500 it would have cost to fix the original suspension. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a great, reliable product at a bargain price.

Name: | Location: Des Moines | SKU: GB1RB

Ordered this kit rather than new air springs due to the relatively foolproof installation process. Videos were extremely helpful. This can even be done without removing the wheels, using common shop tools. My Bravada rides like a dream and passengers would never suspect the car has been converted. Darrell provided excellent customer service and ensured my order would arrive by a certain date (it even arrived a day early!). A bit pricier than the competition’s kits, but these parts seem of utmost quality. No issues with the ECAS dash warning light. Would definitely recommend this kit for anyone looking to save $500+ at the dealer.

Name: | Location: Buckeye | SKU: FB2RB

The kit was installed by the same mechanic that I have used for many years. He indicated that the instructions were very helpful. He was able to install the kit in a manor that the “service the suspension” message doesn’t come on any longer.

The ride is better than with the OEM airbag assembly, that the car came with from the factory, and it returns the vehicle body to the factory spec height.

Also the Tech/Sales person, Darrell, that assisted me, via the “Chat” feature on the web site, was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

I highly recommend Strutmasters products for valve, quality, ease of installation and company’s employees assistance.

Name: | Location: Clarksville, VA | SKU: FA3RB

Experienced loss of air ride system on the Town Car ( 203,000 + miles). Our research and the recommendations of trusted friends led us to Strutmasters and the purchase of the FA3RB Kit for switching the air ride to springs. This fit our retired economics and the switch over went well. We drove the car nearly 2000 miles with the new springs. We decided to go back to the air ride due to my wife’s advancing arthritis condition (she will be 80 in August and must wear a back brace). When we contacted Strutmasters, President Lofton and his staff involved themselves totally in successfully restoring the air ride system. We are thankful to them for their earnest concern, care, and professional competence in satisfying our needs. We were so pleased with their attitude,courtesy,kindness, and hospitality in conducting their mission of satisfying their customers. We would readily recommend Strutmasters as a primary source for any automotive needs one might have. We additionally think that in cases other than our specials needs case the springs would function acceptably. Dan and Marion Pritchard

Name: | Location: Anchorage AK | SKU: MR1RB

Got a rear suspension kit for my R350 and very happy with it. Items were shipped to Alaska the same day I have ordered them. Great quality products and amazing customer service. Big thank you to Jennifer.

Name: | Location: Springfield, IL | SKU: CADR2

I ordered the conversion kit for the rear air shocks on my 1999 Lesabre and was very pleased with the product, ease of installation (they even sent detailed instructions) and the customer service from Jennifer. She even sent a Thank You card after my purchase. I forgot what the car was supposed to ride like….Thank you Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Atlanta, Georgia | SKU: MB14FM

I rarely comment about customer service provided by companies whether public or private entities because it’s something that’s expected; however the courtesy Ms Donielle afforded me yesterday made me feel extra special.

Ms. Duncan’s response to my inquiry regarding a solution to my automobile problem (ABC system) given my uncertainty based on previous fixes to that system just seemed so authentic and genuine. I just wanted to thank her for making me feel like a million bucks.

I don’t know your protocol for recognition or if it matters but her phone etiquette, product knowledge and installer recommendations was “spot on” and deserves the gold standard for service…that’s just my opinion for what it’s worth.

Please convey my regards to Ms. Donielle.


John Freightman

Name: | Location: Cottonwood,Calif. | SKU: FG14F

The product was well packaged and of extremely good quality. The instructions were precise and to follow. Illustrations were excellent. I highly recommend this product to professional as well as weekend mechanics.