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Name: | Location: Painesville, Ohio | SKU: FD1RB

I changed my rear struts on my 02′ LS, I might say it was really quick just like they said, bolt off and bolt on and everything fit perfectly. It rides really smooth and good. When its time to change my front struts, I’ll know where to go back to for some really good quality. Customer service was awesome too on helping me find the right part for my car, I appreciate it, Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: Dayton,Ohio | SKU: FB1FB

Spoke with Jason and he helped me out with my 1994 Lincoln Continental. I got hooked up with the conversion struts that I needed …. Thank you Jason
Kimberly Carter 🙂
You all are the best

Name: | Location: Fort Valley Georgia | SKU: FA3RB

Strutmasters replacement suspension is a blessing to the alternative of costly air bag replacements that do not last. You cannot go wrong with Strutmasters. Great communications and very helpful

Name: | Location: Great falls montana | SKU: GC14F

Just purchased a 4 wheel conversation kit for our escalade and as always had great service. A have bought a kit for my audi a8 too was great experience then as well! I will return in the future and I will send friends and family to strutmasters!

Name: | Location: El Paso | SKU: TE1RB

I purchased by JASON and installed my Strutmasters suspension conversion kit on my 2004 Lexus GX470. I thank Jason so much for the upmost customer service in knowledgeand professionalism. Most of all in helping me save thousands of dollars on the conversion. My wife and kids love me more now and don’t have to see a chiropractor due to all the whip lashes from the bouncy ride. We are happy of the smooth ride and it has correct height. Can’t even tell that there is not AIRBAGS on it. Thanks Strutmasters 🙂

Name: | Location: Clinton Twp., MI 48036 | SKU: FD1RB

I replaced the rear struts and springs on my 2003 Lincoln LS about 60,000 miles ago and the ride is still very firm. Now I need to replace the front suspension parts at 205,000 miles including the struts and springs. After experiencing the ease and simplicity of installing the rear kit and already knowing the quality, Strutmasters was the only choice for me. I am eagerly anticipating the feel of the complete ride.

I’ve had very good success in the past and am confident this time will be the same. Thank you very much Jennifer for all your assistance. You are very courteous and friendly. Thank You again.

Name: | Location: Winter Haven | SKU: GB1R0

I replaced air bags with the springs that I ordered from Strutmasters and what a difference it made my car rides and handles better than it did with air bags it’s like a new car. Thanks for your help I’m very happy and will pass the information to other people that have the same system. Thank you!

Name: | Location: Wellington, FL | SKU: TE1RB

I want to start by saying thank you to Jennifer and everyone at Strutmasters. Not only did Jennifer speak to me on the phone in a nice and courteous manner (instead of a remote call center), she made sure to send out the right parts very quickly. Shortly after receiving the parts, I received a HAND WRITTEN thank you letter. Who does that in 2017?!

Absolutely amazing..

Anyway, I want to get on with my review. My family and I took a road trip to Key West a few weeks ago. We were expecting to spend about 6 hours in a loaded down SUV, but we were excited because the ride to the Keys is a fun one with lots to see. About an hour into the trip, our air suspension collapsed and would not rise. We spent another 8 or so hours bouncing around and just being miserable. Because I could not safely drive the speed limit, my air suspension ensured that everyone behind us was just as miserable as we were. Did I mention that the road to the Keys in only two lanes? Well, when we finally reached our destination, I looked for a mechanic that could help. Few mechanics had any idea what was happening to our car, and the ones that did know wanted a king’s ransom to fix it. Obviously, the trip home was a lot of fun. We all needed a chiropractor and a masseuse.
After arriving home, I did a lot of research into why my suspension collapsed. I also learned that the price to fix the issues far exceeded what my budget could handle. In came Strutmasters. For a few hundred dollars, I received the parts needed to fix my car. I called a local mechanic who specializes in tires and suspensions, and they installed the kit. Now my car drives smoother than I remember it ever driving. I think this is the best investment I could make on that car. The best part? Never having to worry about those ridiculous air springs ever again!

My family, along with everyone who was stuck behind me on the Overseas Highway thank you for an incredible product.

Name: | Location: Lynn, Indiana | SKU: KV1RA

I purchased this kit back in February. First off the customer service I received was top notch. No questions went unanswered and always done in an enthusiastic tone. I’ve recommended strutmasters on that alone. As for ease of installation, the included instructions were so clear and well written with big color images. It was detailed enough my girlfriend looked at them and said she could do it with how clear they were…. Mind you she knows how to gas and go with her car and thats about it.

Today was the first good ride on them since installation. And my first impression is DANG these feel incredible compared to the stock set on my 2004 Suzuki Marauder 1600. We rode 2 up, total rider weight of near 550lbs, it didn’t bottom out on bumps and the ride was smooth as could be.

Absolutely money well spent. Will definitely be coming back for kits for future bikes.