Struts, Springs, Shocks – 06 Cad SRX

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Struts, Springs, Shocks – 06 Cad SRX

“I used the product to replace my faulty air ride shocks on my 06 Cadillac SRX. I had replaced one air ride shock 2 years ago for $600 but the same one went bad, So, I just decided to replace all the factory air ride shocks. A little different ride but not in a bad way. I sprung for the heavy duty ones for my trailer (boat and utility).
I am a DIY guy but not a mechanic. I took the car to a friends house with a hoist which made it much easier. I did all four in a day but had to take the front ones to a shop to compress the springs and insert the struts inside the factory springs. The instructions were pretty good but not great. Overall, the experiance was good. I still have a message (Service Stability System) when I start my car since the compressor is not working (even though not needed). I expected there would be some resistor to remove this error or some work around for the cost of all these. Everything else was fine. If I had to I would probably do it again.”

~ Review by BobW, Rochester Hills, MI United States

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