Top 10: 2000-2006 Mercedes S Class Sedan 4 Wheel Air Or Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit

Number 8: 2000-2006 Mercedes S Class Sedan 4 Wheel Air Or Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit With Light Fix

Now onto number 8 on our top ten conversion kits list, introducing our 2000-2006 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan four-wheel air or hydraulic suspension conversion kit with light fix. This kit has become increasingly popular since we recently lowered the price from $1,599 to $1,099 (for a limited time only)! So save yourself $500 by ordering today!

Known to us as the MS14FM, this conversion kit comes to you with (4) completely custom-built Strutmasters passive gas and hydraulic fluid struts preassembled with Eibach coil springs, dust boots and upper mounts, and a custom-designed module. The module is designed to eliminate any unwanted lights or messages that may appear on your dash when removing OEM electronic suspension components from the vehicle. While it is perfectly fine to purchase and install the kit without the module, more customers have purchased the kit with the module than without it. The variable-rate Eibach coil springs picks your S-Class off the ground, and keeps it moving level. The properties of these particular springs also allow drivers to experience the same handling when cornering as with their original suspension system from Mercedes. This is true for both S-Class sedans that had the air suspension as well as S-Class sedans that had the hydraulic suspension system (also known as the Active Body Control, or ABC, system).

For S-Class owners with the hydraulic suspension system, we have good news….you get to keep and reuse your hydraulic steering pump and reservoir! Let us explain. The S-Class models that came with the ABC system have a hydraulic reservoir and steering pump that is utilized for both power-steering as well as the hydraulic suspension system. Strutmasters gives the owners instructions and tools on plugging the ABC system so that it is not necessary to replace the hydraulic pump or reservoir when installing the conversion kit. Even though our conversion kit is straight forward, the accessibility to the rear strut upper mounts and ABC systems are a little complex, and for that reason we recommend customers take these to a certified mechanic for installation. Don’t have a mechanic or not sure which local shops have experience with our conversion kits? Don’t sweat it…just order this particular kit over the phone by dialing 1-866-597-2397. Speak with one of our Sales Reps and simply ask them “What are the names, locations and phone numbers of experienced mechanics in my area who are familiar with our product?” and our Sales Reps will be able to give you the information you need to make an informative decision on whom you would like to install our kit for you! This kit fits the following S-Class Sedans (click on yours to go to our vehicle-specific page!):

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