Top 10: 2007-2013 GM Full Size SUV 4 Wheel Air Suspension Conversion Kit

Number 10: 2007-2013 GM Full Size SUV 4 Wheel Air Suspension Conversion Kit With Light Fix Module

Today, we here at Strutmasters are going to start showing you guys our top-selling conversion kits. These conversion kits are the current driving force here at Strutmasters. These kits are our bread and butter, and get the most attention from our customers and from us. So let’s start with the conversion kit on our Number 10 Spot today, introducing our 2007-2013 GM full-size SUV four-wheel air suspension conversion kit with light-fix module.

Known to us as the GC24FM, this beast of a kit comes to you with (2) Monroe struts completely preassembled with upper mounts, dust boots, and Pontotoc coil springs for the front, (2) Eibach coil springs and (2) Gabriel shocks for the rear, and our own custom-made module. The front coilover struts replace those expensive front electronic struts and keep the front of the vehicle at the correct ride-height while simultaneously providing exceptional dampening. The rear Eibach variable-rate coil springs hold the rear of the vehicle level (even when towing or hauling) while allowing the rear gas and hydraulic shocks to provide outstanding comfort and handling. The module is a quick and easy solution to deleting any sort of air suspension message that may appear on the dash as you are removing the active suspension components. While your GM SUV will certainly function without the purchase of the module, our customers prefer not to have a suspension warning message, which, in turn, can make navigating the instrument cluster easier.

Save Money By Converting Your Air Suspension

Checkout all of the money you will be saving when you purchase this kit versus trying to maintain that costly air system:

The GC24FM fits the following SUV’s (Click on yours to visit your vehicle-specific page!):

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