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  2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit
2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit


2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit

Replace Your Air Suspension And Save Up To 75% Compared To The Cost Of A Typical Repair!

Our conversion kits are designed to be direct replacements for your vehicle's air suspension. They require no modification to your vehicle and are designed to "bolt on" without any welding or cutting.

Installing one of our kits is easy. If you can do a brake job, you can install this kit. Strutmasters can also help you find a local mechanic if you need one to do the installation for you.

Call Now If You Have Any Questions Or If You Want To Place An Order:


Special Price: $357.00

Year: 2003-2009
Make: Lexus
Model: GX 470

Manufacturer: Strutmasters
Product Type: Rear Conversion Kit With Rear Shocks

Availability: In Stock
Product Code: -GX470-R1-S

Description Installation Instructions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lexus GX 470 Front Suspension Lexus GX 470 Rear Suspension

"Easily & Economically End Your Rear Air Suspension Problems...Forever "

Here Are Just a Few of The Air Suspension Components on Your 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 that WILL Fail...


"How Do I Know If My Air Suspension Is Failing?"

Well, the main and most common symptoms of a leaking or failed air suspension a sagging rear end. Other major clues are that your air compressor isn't working or is running way too often. Another pretty common tip off of a problem air suspension is your GX 470's inability to reach or maintain recommended height.

One of our customer's vehicles:

Not Good!  See how low this vehicle is riding?

Failure to repair your Lexus GX 470 suspension system can also lead to some major safety issues, such as an air spring blowing while doing 75MPH could send the car into a spin. Really, really not good.

A faulty air suspension can cause loss of work, car rental, towing bills, excessive repair costs (especially by big car dealerships) and in general can be very frustrating and inconvenient to say the least. Bottom line:  it can cost you big bucks.

"Why Did My GX 470 Rear Air Suspension Fail?..."

The Lexus GX 470 front & rear air suspension systems are subject to a lot of troubles, but it's greatest enemy is time. The air spring is made with rubber parts that dry-rot in 5 to 7 years. The GX 470 air suspension's longevity is set by how extreme heat and cold the GX 470 is subjected. These weather conditions and how you drive your vehicle will degrade the parts of the air suspension system. A lot of times the electronic devices begin to fail with age. This will just intensify the other problems related to the Lexus GX 470 air suspension.

Notice the cracks in the air bag?

Also overlooked many times on the GX 470 is the condition of the front suspension. As time goes by, the GX 470 suspension is subject to extreme wear and the sagging poor shocks and spring quality will make it difficult to properly align. This will cause excessive wear to the tires and eventually ruins the great ride you deserve as a Lexus GX 470 owner. So, not only do you get to fix the air suspension system, you also get to buy tires more frequently than you should.

This will really make you ride low...

"But, There's Good News..."

You can avoid these high costs and the frustration by installing the Strutmasters Ultimate Ride Conversion Suspension System developed specifically for your GX 470. Our suspension solution replaces your GX 470 rear air suspension with the highest quality, coil suspension system. All of the components in this conversion kit were designed and manufactured in the United States and are made of the very highest quality material.

When installed, you will not only be safe once again, but you will have that new ride feel as we put our Total Ride Satisfaction Promise on our air to non-air conversion kits. We know that you will love the ride in your GX 470 suspension and you're gonna love the dependability of this conversion kit.

Wow! Now Look At An Actual Customer Car With A Strutmasters Conversion Kit:

That's more like it! Now it's sitting at the correct height.

No one else offers this level of service and quality. We have over 260,000 happy customers who have been using our suspension system every day for over 10 years. We get tons of letters and e-mails every month thanking us for making this exclusive Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit available for your Lexus GX 470.

People tell us how great it is to have that new car ride back again and know that they can get many more years of use from their GX 470 and have the confidence of being safe on the road. Do what thousands of others in your shoes have done and Beat The Air Suspension System by ordering your Strutmasters Ultimate Ride Conversion Suspension Kit today.

Take a look at what our satisfied and happy customers have to say about the Lexus GX 470 Strutmasters Conversion Kit: Scroll down to see what some of our customers have had to say.

"What The Dealer Won't Tell You..."

With the insider information I know today, I can assure you that the OEM parts will always fail and are just another way for car dealers to "line their pockets" at your expense.

"Dealerships Have Used This Dirty Little Trick For Years..."

The dealerships and parts dealers want you to buy replacement parts because they know that your other air suspension and electronic parts are bound to fail in the very near future, forcing you to continue to buy more and more air suspension replacement parts over time.They make a killing as you grow more and more frustrated!

The stark reality is that luxury car & SUV owners like you, have been left in the dark. These replacement parts are expensive and in most cases it will be necessary for you to pay a dealership a huge wad-of-cash to install them. Further increasing the cost to get your ride fixed. Many times, you will also have to rent a car because the dealership will take days to get your air suspension working properly.

The worst part about this whole situation is that you don't have a car, the dealership takes forever to fix your ride and then the dealership will use that against you and magically find lots of other parts that “have” to be fixed. You know because it's happened to you before or to someone you know.

Don't fall for their's not pretty once they have you. They will be laughing all the way to the bank. Don't let these guys take your hard earned money. You have another option, and Strutmasters had done all the hard work for you.

"Some Great Reasons To Act Now"

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

Upon your order, we can even provide you with one of our approved installers that are local to you and have agreed not charge more than 1 hour per wheel for labor. This is one of our easiest installs and has been done by many "Do It Your Selfers". If you can do brakes, you can do this...No Sweat!

Our suspension kits are always in stock and will usually ship the same day that you place your order. You will receive a confirmation email with delivery tracking to your door.

Chip "The Strut Man" Lofton

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Good product, thank you. September 3, 2014
Reviewer: Edwin Rabbipal from Colorado Springs, CO United States  
My wife's GX470 would go from Normal to Low or High mode at random (even though the indicator still said Normal). Whenever it would adjust out of Normal, the ride would get very bumpy .. like being in a bouncy castle. Lexus estimated almost 4K of repairs. After googling found this kit to remove the air suspension in favor of struts and springs. Ordered this kit directly from Strutmasters and it arrived less than a week later. Took it into Midas (they are an authorized install location according to Strutmasters customer service) to install - at one hour of labor plus incidentals ($127) and the price of this kit (almost $400), we now have a normal SUV again. The ride height can never be adjusted but we never adjusted it any ways. The car rides at the same height as Normal all the time.Thank you for a great product.

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2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Rear Air Suspension Convers July 28, 2013
Reviewer: Very Satisfied from CT United States  
Was in a bad way with rear air suspension failing on 2003 GX470. Called up ordered kit. Strutmaster special handled and got me 2 day shipping very quickly. Awesome to deal with. Service stellar.

Kit was perfect and went in like glove. 2HRS install time with lift. Highly suggest finding a garage with lift to rent, SO MUCH EASIER AND SAFER.

Awesome kit with awesome service, can ask no more.

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Good conversion kit April 9, 2013
Reviewer: Joseph Yee from Aiea, HI United States  
I received this rear suspension conversion kit and the instructions that came with it had a PDF text box on every page of the installation instructions which had blocked out the text for the install steps that was printed at the top of the page.  I called and asked for an electronic copy by email, which I then had to copy and paste the instructions into a MS word document to view/read all the installation instructions. Installation was fairly easy with the proper tools and help (2 hours).  We found that releasing the rear sway bar brackets made it easier to install the coils. Very happy with the ride and cost savings.

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shipping March 19, 2013
Reviewer: Mal Jacobson from Denare Beach, SK Canada  
your kit lived up to your discriptions and i am happy with the result.
as a canadian i am not a fan of ups. they are expensive and charge a brokerage fee which a shipper like usps does not. they also just put it in canada post(our answer to usps) after it arrived in canada so there isnt a speed of delivery gain. i hope you will, in the future consider allowing choice of shipping options to canada.
 all in all im happy.

mal jacobson

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Saved $1000 dollars May 15, 2010
Reviewer: Brian Rae from Dunbarton, NH United States  
I am looking forward to receiving the kit tomorrow for the GX470, I will be installing them tomorrow night and hoping my wife likes the new ride. I will let you know if she doesn't... :)
Once installed the ride seemed to mimic the OEM ride, the ride height appears to be right on, saved $1000 dollars to a total reinstall of the OEM Air ride parts (one shock alone is $600), I called in and the support was good. Thanks again the sales and support were awesome. (Thanks to Roy and Melanie)

Brian D. Rae

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