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Fits: 1970-1993 Dodge W-100 Pickup (2WD)

Note: Designed for vehicles lowered 2"-4"

The Rear SlamAir Kit by Air Lift is just what you need to increase your suspension travel, load leveling capcity and load support. It eliminates "bottoming out" as well as improves the ride, handling and stability with your lowered W-100 truck.

We highly recommend you consider adding one of Air Lift's Air Control systems to enhance the experience with your SlamAir Kit.

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Air Lift’s SlamAir air springs provides adjustable load support for lowered Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD) vehicles. Each air spring kit includes everything you need for your Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD), easily installed in 2 hours or less. End caps are made of an ultra high-strength nylon composite which is as strong as steel, but weighs less and is corrosion proof. SlamAir fits most lowered trucks with a 2, 4 or 6 inch drop, including trucks with flipped axles and notched frames. **THIS IS NOT A LOWERING KIT. FOR AIR LIFT’S LOWERING KITS, ASK FOR EITHER THEIR SLAM SERIES OR PERFORMANCE SERIES KITS**.

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Fix Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD) Suspension problems?

Problems with being unable to tow or with your lowered Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD)vehicle are a thing of the past. AirLift’s SlamAir kit is designed so that your custom-lowered truck (whether it is lowered 2, 4, or even 6 inches!) can still be a truck and haul and tow extra weight while solving issues with bottoming out! The SlamAir air springs simply bolt right on top of your leaf spring packs! This kit reduces roll, sway, and bottoming-out. Each kit comes complete with air lines, fittings, brackets, and mounting hardware. With the Air Lift SlamAir kit, you can simply install it and leave it without anyone ever noticing; until you start to tow that is!

Prevent Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD) Future Repair Costs

Avoid damaging your suspension when towing with the Air Lift SlamAir load-leveling kit. A simple installation process will ensure you save the life of your coil springs and your rear shocks while simultaneously help protect your custom low-rider against bottoming-out while towing or hauling in your Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD). You already spent the money tailoring your ride, Air Lift’s SlamAir load-leveling kit is simply designed so you can keep it that way!

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1970-1993 Dodge W-100 Truck (1/2 Ton - 2WD)

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