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Motorcycle Suspension

Looking to upgrade your motorcycle suspension or do you need more support for hauling a passenger or just want to raise and lower the bike on demand, we got you covered. With the additional shock travel, this means no more stopping on your tiptoes for shorter riders and more a comfortable ride for taller riders, too! Our motorcycle air shocks make getting on and off your bike a breeze.

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Motorcycle Suspension: Air Suspension Kits & Components for Motorbikes

Offering superior performance, greater accessibility, and on-demand adjustability, the right motorcycle suspension air ride kit might just be the ultimate upgrade for your bike. But before you start shopping for an air suspension for your motorcycle, it’s important to know the ins and outs of these suspension systems, as well as how to tell a quality kit from an inferior one.

What does the suspension do on a motorcycle?

The suspension on your motorcycle is what keeps your bike at the proper ride height and off of the wheels. It also works to absorb bumps and dips in the road, smoothing out your ride.

As the main connection between your motorcycle’s body and its wheels, the suspension plays an important role in the handling and safety of your bike too, helping you steer and stop. When tuned properly and in good condition, your motorcycle suspension should provide the perfect balance of responsiveness and comfort.

Most motorcycles come from the factory with a passive coil suspension system. These systems use static shocks, struts, and steel coils to do the job. While these are typically reliable and sturdy, they take a “one-size-fits-most” approach — engineered for the “average” motorcycle rider. That means that while they’re typically a pretty good fit for most riders, they’re often not really a perfect fit for any individual.

What is an air suspension for a motorcycle?

Rather than mechanical resistance from springs, air ride systems for motorcycles use pressurized air to do the job of the suspension. These types of systems have been used in cars for decades and are now becoming more popular with motorcycle enthusiasts. Many riders feel they offer improved performance and flexibility by comparison.

How does a motorcycle air suspension work?

In place of coilover struts, an air ride kit for a motorcycle uses rugged hollow tubes, called air struts or air springs, that hold the bike frame at the proper ride height using compressed air. This comes from a small mechanical air compressor that both generates pressurized air and sends it to the air springs.

In most of these motorcycle air ride systems, that air pressure — and therefore the resistance of the air springs — is adjustable. Rather than the “one-size-fits-most” approach of coilover springs, air struts allow riders to make changes to their ride height and how their suspension functions. 

Reasons to upgrade your motorcycle suspension to an air ride

The adjustability of a motorcycle air suspension offers some key benefits to riders, opening up lots of new possibilities.

Easy lowering

Many people like to lower their bikes for that classic lowrider look and feel. But to do that, some motorcycle owners use kits that make permanent modifications to the frame. That can make a bike less safe to drive and lower its resale value. 

Air ride kits for motorcycles let you lower (and raise) your bike easily and on command, without the need to modify your frame to get there.

Greater accessibility

With most motorcycles designed for the “average male” rider, it can be difficult for shorter riders to get on and off their bike. Air ride kits let you lower your bike on command, making it much easier — and safer — for smaller people to mount and dismount.

More support

Larger riders can benefit from a motorcycle air suspension too. Some riders or their passengers may be too heavy for their stock suspension, causing strain on the suspension and performance issues. The ability to adjust the air pressure means that you can increase the resistance of your springs, offering increased support and a safer ride for bigger people. 

Ride adjustability

Different riding situations can benefit from different suspension heights. A lowrider bike might be great for cruising around town, but driving it on curvy roads around sharp turns can be difficult or dangerous. Motorcycle air rides let you adjust your ride height to match the road conditions, offering better performance and a safer drive.

What comes in a Strutmasters motorcycle air suspension kit?

Some air ride manufacturers overcomplicate things. But Strutmasters motorcycle air suspension kits are designed to offer superior performance in as simple a package as possible — making it easy and inexpensive to install and maintain. Here’s what you’ll find in these kits:

  • Air springs. Heavy-duty air shocks that offer long-lasting durability while still allowing for superior adjustability.

  • Air compressor. High-performance mechanical air compressor that operates quietly and efficiently.

  • Air lines. Dense, durable rubber supply lines carry pressurized air into the air springs and resist being punctured or damaged from road debris and other hazards.

  • Pressure gauge. The accurate, reliable pressure included in some kits lets you know the air pressure in your suspension exactly, helping you find the right balance of give and resistance easily. 

  • All necessary hardware. High-quality hardware to install and adjust your air ride kit that lasts just like the other components. Our brackets, nuts, bolts, clips, and other hardware are made to the same high standards.

What you should look for in a motorcycle air ride manufacturer

Not all motorcycle air ride kits and components are created equal. While a good quality kit will give you a long-lasting, reliable performance upgrade, some manufacturers cut costs by cutting corners. And when it comes to something as important as your motorcycle suspension, you want the most dependable product you can get. 

Here are a few things to look for in a suspension manufacturer:

  • Quality materials. Cheap materials can easily wear down and break. Make sure your motorcycle suspension components are made using high-quality metals and other materials in all components.

  • Quality manufacturing. Overseas manufacturers may produce an incredible product, but it’s hard to enforce quality standards from thousands of miles away. Some companies make their products here in the USA, where it’s much easier to keep a close eye on the manufacturing process. 

  • Quality engineering. Some companies mix and match parts from other kits to make suspension kits for motorcycles that “almost” fit. A good suspension manufacturer will engineer each kit to the bike it’s meant for, so that the components fit and function perfectly.

  • Quality customer service. Even if the product is good, you sometimes need assistance after you’ve bought a product. The company you buy your suspension from should offer after-sales service that you can depend on.

  • Quality guarantee. Companies typically only guarantee products they know they won’t need to replace. A warranty is a good indicator that a company is confident that their product will last. Look for air suspension kits and components that come with some kind of guarantee.

Strutmasters motorcycle air ride kits and components: quality you can depend on

Since 1999, Strutmasters has been at the forefront of the aftermarket suspension industry. Over the last two decades, the company has built its reputation on quality products and quality service.

Strutmasters motorcycle air ride kits and components continue that tradition, offering motorcycle suspension solutions that last. These air suspension kits for motorbikes are made with the best materials for the job — from the air springs down to the nuts, bolts, and washers used to install them. And each kit is manufactured right here in the USA with strict production standards and thorough quality control.

That quality is thoroughly tested and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can be as confident in these motorcycle air ride kits as we are. 

You can find the right kit for your Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, and more here on our website. If you still have more questions or want help getting exactly what you need, our Suspension Experts are always standing by at 866-597-2397. You can also use the chat feature located at the right-hand side of our webpage. 

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