Spotlight: 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Suspension

Spotlight: 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Suspension

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1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

Get to Know the 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

The 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. Quite often referred to as the “Grandpa Car”, Lincoln really set the standard for comfort with this ride. Don’t let the nickname fool you! With fairly reliable rear air suspension system and front and rear adjustable leather bench seats, it would seem that the Lincoln Town Car did precisely everything in its power to earn that title. It’s no wonder older generations don’t seem too keen on buying newer cars, they really like their comfort and Lincoln Town Car owners really know their stuff!

What Suspension Components Do the 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Cars Have?

lincoln-town-car-2011The 1990-2011 Lincoln Town Car has 2 coil springs and two gas shocks in the front, and 2 air springs and gas shocks in the rear of the vehicle. Both sets of springs control the vehicle’s height while the 4 shocks control the vehicle’s ride comfort and tire-to-ground contact. The rubber air springs are designed to automatically adjust to different weights being placed into or onto the rear of the vehicle, while the coil springs are designed to hold a specific height for a single, specific weight. The amount of air an air spring has is dependent upon 2 level-sensors on the axle, which, when altered by extra or less weight, sends a signal to the suspension control module. From there, the module sends a signal to the air compressor, which in turn pushes air through air lines into the top of the air springs via a solenoid until the vehicle is back at the desired ride height. This costly air suspension system can be more easily replaced by many of our Strutmasters conversion kits.

Air Bag to Coil Spring Conversion

The air bags in these cars are usually the first part of the air suspension to fail, and this will cause your other air parts to fail, sticking you with a bigger bill than just replacing an air spring or two. While the Town Car is arguably one of Lincoln’s best air suspension designs, the fact of the matter remains that the air bags are still made of plastic and rubber. Long exposure of rubber to environments that have extreme heat, precipitation or condensation under below-freezing temperatures will inevitably cause dry-rot or punctures somewhere along the air lines or, more likely, in the air springs. When this occurs, air constantly escapes from the holes, which constantly runs the air compressor. The problem with this is that the air compressor is only meant to run for a few seconds at a time, a few times a day…..NOT all the time. As the compressor works on overdrive in an attempt to keep the rear of the car level with the front, eventually the compressor, the battery, and/or the alternator will die. The conversion kit will replace those air springs with variable-rate steel Eibach coil springs that are guaranteed to keep the rear of your Lincoln Town Car riding level, and replace the shocks with ours to recreate that smooth ride.

Why is the coil spring suspension better than air suspension for my Lincoln Town Car?

So you may be asking yourself something along the lines of “I already liked my ride with the air suspension before, why should I buy a new product that may or may not give me the same ride quality I am used to?” Not only are there many factors as to why you should convert from air suspension to passive suspension, but there are many factors as to why you should specifically purchase a new Strutmasters conversion kit to replace your worn-out air suspension:
Coil Spring vs Air Suspension

Why is the coil spring suspension better than air suspension for my 2002 Lincoln Town Cars?

There are many factors as to why you should specifically purchase a new Strutmasters conversion kit to replace your worn-out air suspension:
  • While the original air springs may have lasted a long time, the replacements won’t be the same as the originals; don’t expect the same quality!
  • Our conversion kits use cold-wound steel Eibach springs and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty! Try asking the dealer if your failed air system is covered by a warranty!
  • Your entire air system will most likely need to be replaced, leaving you with a bill for over $2,000 in parts for OE replacements!
  • Get rid of having to deal with the same failing parts every few years, and fix your suspension with our simple-to-install springs and new replacement shocks starting at only $219!
  • Used to hauling a wheelchair and carrier with your Town Car while maintaining a level ride? You will still be able to do so with our load-leveling conversion kit complete with an Air-Lift 1000 kit made specifically to fit inside of our springs!
  • Our struts and shocks have the best dampening of any kit on the market.
  • Buy the best, buy the original. We invented the conversion kit!

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