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Your car’s suspension is a system of multiple components that keeps your vehicle connected and running smoothly. One of the more critical parts of this system is the control arm, which attaches your car's wheels to the frame. If you start noticing steering wander, uneven tire wear, clunking or squeaking noises, or vibrations, it may be time to replace your control arm.

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Strutmasters Control Arms

The Importance of a Control Arm Replacement

Control arms allow you to steer your vehicle and guide the wheels up and down over changing road surfaces. However, they will wear out over time, usually between 90,000 and 100,000 miles. Whether it's the upper and lower control arm bushings or the arms themselves, it's imperative to repair any issues immediately. The control arm assembly is an integral link between your car's wheels and frame, helping you drive your vehicle securely. A replacement control arm will reduce squeaking, increase safety and provide a much smoother ride.

Our Upper and Lower Control Arm Replacement Kits

Control arm kits from Strutmasters offer a complete repair solution. They come with everything you need to install your new control arm, saving you time and money. Most kits include:

  • The control arm: Our control arms are designed for durability. They are specially coated with corrosion-resistant material to provide long-lasting performance.
  • The ball joint: Strutmasters' upper and lower control arms with ball joiners simplify replacement and ensure every part of the control arm assembly works correctly.
  • Bushings: They are prefitted into the ball joint and control arm assembly, making installation straightforward.
  • All necessary hardware: All the hardware you need to install your control arm is included in the kit.

Because all our control arm kits come preassembled with everything you need, doing it yourself is quick and easy. Plus, you will still save time and money if you have a mechanic install the parts.

Replace Worn Control Arms With Strutmasters Products

Strutmasters has been specializing in suspensions since 1999. We've worked hard to earn our reputation for quality products and services, so you can trust us to take care of you and your vehicle. When you work with us, you will get:

  • Suitable materials: You need to rely on the parts you're putting into your suspension. Invest in a long-term solution by getting durable materials.
  • Quality manufacturing: We take pride in assuring the quality of our components. We hold our manufacturing processes to the highest standards to ensure you get the products your vehicle requires.
  • Precision engineering: Every car is different, which is why we design parts that meet the needs of specific models. You can enjoy a perfect fit when you get a kit from Strutmasters.
  • Customer service: We are invested in our customers and want to ensure we are available when you need help, even after you purchase a product.

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