Complete Strut Assembly

Your vehicle's suspension system is essential to your car's safety. You rely on it to get you to your destinations smoothly and securely, so when you notice components wearing down, it's important to fix them quickly. 

There are many ways to repair your system, like visiting the dealership or mechanic each time a component breaks. One of the most affordable, durable and efficient options is a loaded strut assembly.

Our loaded strut assembly options make suspension repairs easy and cost-effective.

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Loaded Strut Assemblies

What Is a Loaded Strut Assembly?

A loaded strut assembly, also known as a complete strut, is an entire strut and spring assembly put together at the factory. When you order a fully loaded strut assembly, everything will come as one piece instead of in individual components. The springs are precompressed — or preloaded — which is where the assembly gets its name.

Benefits of Our Complete Strut Assembly Kits

Loaded struts are one of the most cost-effective ways to repair your suspension system, allowing you to replace it all at once instead of taking multiple trips to get repairs. Since it arrives complete, you will have every piece you need, eliminating the inconvenience and extra expense of replacing missing parts. Complete struts are simple and ready to install. If you have some basic tools, a sturdy car jack and a little mechanical knowledge, you can do it yourself. You can also let your mechanic handle the replacement, and since all the parts are ready to go, they can install the loaded struts efficiently. Our loaded strut assembly kits are preconfigured for specific vehicles, ensuring you get the exact parts you need for one of your car's most important safety systems. Our EZ strut assemblies are also engineered to provide a great ride using cold-wound springs, robust monotube shocks and quality hardware and mounts.

Everything Included in Our Strut Assembly Kit

Our front strut assembly kit comes with all the parts you need to replace your current suspension system, including:

  • Steel strut
  • Coil spring
  • Jounce bumper
  • Isolator pads
  • Top strut mount and bearing

Choose Strutmasters® for Loaded Struts

Since 1999, Strutmasters has been dedicated to producing the best complete strut assembly on the market. We strive to provide longevity and dependability to our customers so they can trust their loaded struts to work efficiently and safely. We use only the highest-quality materials to keep you safe and your ride smooth. We ensure that all components of our loaded struts are made using industry best practices. Our team uses precision engineering to design each loaded strut assembly and custom-tailor them to fit various models, offering safety and reliability for your specific vehicle. The Strutmasters team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. When you need responsive, professional care, you can trust our experts to be there for you, even after your purchase.

Buy a Complete Strut Assembly New and Ready to Install

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