Air Suspension Compressors

Your car's suspension maintains your safety and comfort while driving, so it's crucial that each component functions properly. When you start noticing odd noises, abnormal compressor cycles or soft or spongy suspension, it may be time to inspect your air suspension compressor and replace it.

Strutmasters offers high-quality air ride compressors at affordable prices, ensuring you get the components you need to help your suspension system run smoothly.

Air Suspension Compressors

The Importance of Your Air Suspension Compressor

Your vehicle’s air suspension system uses pressurized air to keep it at the proper ride height. It works by:

  • Reading the current ride height.
  • Calculating how much air is needed to adjust the height.
  • Generating the necessary air in the compressor.
  • Building the air up in an air tank.
  • Pushing air through lines into springs.
  • Inflating springs to optimize ride height.

Each part plays an important role within your suspension system, but the air compressor is what makes everything possible. After your car's computer sends instructions, the compressor will draw a specific amount of air in and compress it, preparing it to be pushed out into the air springs, where it will help maintain your car's proper ride height. The compressor for your air suspension system ensures you have a steady, relaxing and safe journey each time you drive your car. Compressors are designed to fit within specific vehicles, so when you need a replacement, be sure to find one that matches your make and model to ensure your suspension system works properly and offers the best performance.

A Quality Air Suspension Compressor Replacement

When you need an air bag suspension compressor kit, come to Strutmasters. Our team of Suspension Experts has been providing high-quality, affordable solutions for air suspension systems since 1999, so you can trust us to take care of you and your vehicle. When you work with us, you'll get:

  • Precise engineering: All of our air suspension components are made for your specific vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Quality materials: Our products consist of reliable and durable materials. Every part, even down to the nuts and bolts, will provide long-lasting performance.
  • Reliable customer service: We are invested in our customers and their concerns, so when you need assistance, we will be there for you.

One of our main priorities is helping you fix or upgrade your vehicle at an affordable price. The aftermarket products we sell often incorporate new technology and general improvements, making these parts more efficient and long-lasting than their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) counterparts. Aftermarket parts are generally easier to locate as well, and with the help of Suspension Experts at Strutmasters, you'll surely find exactly what you need for your particular vehicle.

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