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Air Management & Controllers

Air Management & Controllers for Air Suspensions

The suspension of your car is, at its core, what keeps you safe and comfortable when driving. But, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the bare minimum. Getting your suspension dialed in properly, regardless of whether it is coilover or an air suspension, can make a world of difference when it comes to your ride. 

How does an air suspension work?

Air suspensions can seem intimidating. While there are a lot of moving parts, once you break it down, they aren’t as daunting as you may have initially thought.

  1. Ride height reading. The ride height reading is what sends a signal to the suspension control module, also called the electronic control unit (ECU).

  2. Computing. Once the ride height reading is sent to the ECU, the computer determines how much suspension adjustment is needed, and how much air to generate.

  3. Generating air. Once the suspension height adjustment is calculated, air is generated in the compressor and built up in the air tank.

  4. Pushing air through lines into springs. After a sufficient amount of air is built up in the tank, it is pushed through the lines of the system, and sent to the springs for inflation.

  5. Inflating air springs. As air arrives from the air tank to the springs, the springs are inflated to optimize your vehicle’s ride height.

Air management systems and controllers for air suspensions

Helping you improve your vehicle’s ride performance is one of the main goals for Strutmasters. With a range of products to outfit your air suspension, from air management to controllers, optimization can be easy.

Complete air suspension systems

Our complete air systems come with all you need to upgrade or replace your current system. Each complete kit comes with everything you need, including the air compressor, air tank, electronic control unit, springs, and all necessary hardware. Kits vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but you can be sure you’ll get everything you need.

Air tanks

Air suspensions should have a high quality air tank to store air produced in the system. Air tanks made of high quality material can help ensure a leak-free system, which is key in your air system running smoothly.

Air lines

The air lines are what transmit air produced  to all the various parts of your air system. Whether it’s to the tank or the springs, or anywhere in between, quality air lines make the job efficient.

Air suspension manifolds

Air suspension manifolds are central to air suspension management. They allow air to enter and exit the bags in your suspension.

Air suspension controllers

Air suspension controllers are the part of your air system that allow you to adjust the air in each corner of your car. It’s the part of your suspension you will interact with the most, so choosing a quality controller is important.

Aftermarket air suspension parts vs. OEM air suspension parts

When it comes to car parts, it can be confusing whether to choose an aftermarket product or an OEM part. While many people may argue OEM parts are better, there are some compelling factors in choosing aftermarket parts.

Often, it will have been years since the OEM part on your car was made. Within that time, engineers at aftermarket companies will have had time to identify any flaws within the original design or materials used. This means that aftermarket parts are often an improved version of OEM parts.

Another advantage to aftermarket parts is technology. By the time OEM parts have worn out and need replacing, it is likely that technology used for these parts has improved. Aftermarket parts benefit from advances in technology whereas OEM parts are typically stuck with the original design.

There is also the matter of cost. OEM air suspension parts can be seriously expensive. Also, if your car is older, it can be really difficult to find the specific OEM parts that you may need without going through a dealership. Aftermarket air suspension parts are typically less expensive than OEM parts and often readily available online.

Why choose Strutmasters air management and controllers?

With over 20 years in business, Strutmasters has earned a reputation as the Suspension Experts for a reason. Choosing a Strutmasters product means that you’ll also choose:

  • Precision engineering. All of our products are engineered to fit your specific vehicle. We’ve worked meticulously to ensure compatibility and precision.

  • Affordability. Our products are designed to be affordable. At a fraction of the price of OEM parts, you can improve your suspension without breaking the bank.

  • Quality materials. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products. With made-in-the USA materials, we can assure you that Strutmasters products are designed to last.

  • Product guarantee. We stand behind our products, which is why they come with a one-year warranty. We’re also available for you if you ever have a problem.

Founded in 1999, Strutmasters is one of the leaders in the suspension industry. With a reputation as the “Suspension Experts, ” Strutmasters offers affordable, reliable suspension solutions.

Give us a call today, and one of our experts will help you find your suspension solution. You can contact us at 866-597-2397, or chat with us online using the chat feature on the right side of our website.

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