Air Management Systems

Your car's suspension is what keeps you safe and comfortable while driving. It maintains your ride at the right height and helps your vehicle travel smoothly. When problems arise in your suspension system, you'll want to fix them quickly to keep you and your car protected. Strutmasters has the quality air management systems you need to ensure your safety and enjoy your ride as it was designed to be.

Purchase trusted air management systems from Strutmasters and get everything you need to improve your ride.

Air Management Systems

Our Air Management Systems for Air Suspensions

Each part of your air ride management system is necessary, from the compressor that generates air to the valve manifolds that allow air to travel. When one area malfunctions, you'll want to replace the parts quickly to keep your system working correctly. One of our main goals at Strutmasters is to improve your vehicle’s ride performance. With our range of products to outfit your airbag management system, from tanks to controllers, optimization can be easy.

Air Management Kit

The air management kits we offer come with everything you need to upgrade or replace your current system, allowing you to adjust your suspension quickly and simply. Our kits include:

  • An air compressor
  • An air tank
  • An electronic control unit
  • Springs
  • Necessary hardware

Kits will vary depending on your vehicle's make and model.

Air Suspension Controllers

Our selection of air suspension controllers offers a convenient and easy way to regulate your spring pressure. You can quickly adjust the air in each corner of your car, keeping your ride level even while on the go.

Air Tanks

Air suspensions need a high-quality air tank to store air produced in the system. Our air tanks are leak-free, helping your air suspension run smoothly.

Air Suspension Manifolds

The valve manifold electronically controls the air delivery within your system, so you want to ensure you get the quality manifold parts you need to keep your suspension working properly. Our easy-to-install valve manifolds are made with stainless steel and a weatherproof plug-n-play harness, providing the durability they need to withstand external elements and forces.

Why Choose Strutmasters for Your Air Ride Suspension Controller?

Founded in 1999, Strutmasters has earned a reputation as a suspension expert. When you choose us, you also choose:

  • Precise engineering: Every product is designed to fit your specific vehicle, so you can trust our parts to provide the compatibility and precision you need to stay safe and comfortable.
  • Affordability: Our aftermarket products are a fraction of the price of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, allowing you to improve your suspension while saving money.
  • Quality materials: We pride ourselves on our products' durability, striving to produce parts that perform well and last long.
  • Excellent customer service: Our team of Suspension Experts is always available to assist you, whether you have questions about parts or would like help completing an order.

Buy an Air Management System Today

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