Helper Springs

Helper springs are suspension enhancements that improve the performance and comfort of your vehicle’s suspension. They sit at the top, bottom, or both ends of the main suspension spring and help it stay engaged through its entire range of travel. In short, they help your suspension do its job more effectively.

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Helper Springs

How Do Helper Springs Work?

During off-road situations when one wheel or side of the vehicle lifts up, it’s common for the wheel and suspension on a FWD vehicle to lose contact with the driving surface. This also happens to RWD vehicles when cornering hard. Such a situation can impact your vehicle’s performance and could potentially be dangerous.

The main purpose of the helper is to keep the main spring engaged with its upper and lower seat at all times through full suspension travel. Using mechanical resistance, the helper spring maintains a consistent link between the suspension, its seats, and the body of the vehicle. 

What’s Inside A Helper Spring Kit?

When you purchase a helper spring kit from Strutmasters, you’ll get everything you need to install it properly included. Each kit is engineered to perfectly fit a specific vehicle, so the contents vary from one kit to the next. However, your kit will include some or all of the following components:

  • Helper spring: Also called a leaf helper spring, these vary in size, shape, and design. Many are long, flat, moderately flexible bars but others are cylindrical.
  • Mounting hardware: Each kit includes all the high-quality hardware you need to mount it. That means no surprise trips to the hardware store on install day.
  • Detailed instructions: These helper springs are designed to be simple to install at home for a competent DIYer. To make sure you can get the installation right on your own, each kit comes with thorough instructions.

When Should You Install Helper Springs?

Helper springs are a suspension upgrade. Most drivers can benefit from installing them. But there are a few scenarios in which adding help springs to your vehicle can really make a difference:

  • You do a lot of off-roading: Whether it’s for work or play, taking your vehicle off road takes a toll on it. Helper springs assist your vehicle in staying connected to whatever surface you’re driving over and reduce impact on the main springs.
  • You do a lot of hauling: When you use your vehicle to carry around heavy loads, you put additional strain on the suspension. Helper springs take some of the burden off of the main springs and provide additional balance while the vehicle is turning or going over rough terrain.
  • Your bump stops are worn down: Most rubber bump stops are made of durable rubber that stands up—for a while, anyway. Over time, those bump stops can get soft and brittle and not offer the same resistance that they used to. If you need to replace them, you can choose to upgrade to helper springs when you do.
  • You want a performance upgrade: Sometimes, it’s more about want than need. For most drivers, helper springs offer a considerable performance improvement. Drivers typically get a more comfortable and more responsive ride after installing them.

What You Should Look For In A Help Spring Kit

Your suspension is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Not all helper springs are made to the same quality. You’re trusting the safety of you and your passengers to every component in your suspension system, so it’s important to find a reliable product from a reputable source.

When you purchase helper springs, be sure that you look for the following:

  • Premium materials: Some companies use cheaper alloys that don’t hold up over time. Be sure that a manufacturer uses high grade steel, not just for the help spring itself but also for the hardware used to mount it.
  • Precision engineering: A “good enough” fit in suspension parts can lead to all sorts of problems down the line. You want a company that engineers and tests helper springs for each individual vehicle.
  • Quality manufacturing: Products made overseas may be made extremely well—but it might be hard to tell at first glance. When companies make their products in the USA, they have more oversight over how they’re made and can enforce their own quality standards. 
  • Product guarantee: A warranty is a sign that a company believes its product will last. Beware of products that don’t have a warranty, or have one with loads of fine print that make them difficult to use.
  • Customer service: Any company will help you buy their products, but will they stick around to help you if you need it? Hopefully, customer service isn’t something you need. But if you do, you’ll want to know that a company is there for you.

Strutmasters Certified Helper Springs: Quality Assured

Strutmasters has been a leader in the suspension industry since 1999. With a strong reputation built on quality products and customer services, the company is proud to offer Strutmasters Certified helper springs from SuperSprings made here in the USA. 

As Strutmasters Certified components, we guarantee that these help springs meet the same quality standards as our own products. Our own engineers have thoroughly tested each helper spring kit to ensure they offer the same durability, fit, and longevity you’ve come to expect from Strutmasters products. 

These helper springs are backed by a lifetime warranty. And when a manufacturer trusts its products, you can too.  

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