Camber Kits

Ensuring your wheels are aligned correctly is one of the best ways to help your car and its suspension run efficiently. A camber kit is a cost-effective way to make adjustments, keep your vehicle safe and enjoy your ride.

When you order a camber bolt kit from Strutmasters, you can trust that you're making a good investment.

Strutmasters Camber Kits

How a Camber Bolt Kit Will Help Your Car

A camber angle is the angle between a wheel's vertical axis and the vehicle's vertical axis. If your car is not set at the proper camber, it can cause wheel misalignment, putting undue stress on your tires and suspension. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, uneven tire wear or heavy steering effort, a camber kit can help. Camber kits make adjustments easy for off-road and lowered vehicles. These cars sometimes need a negative or positive camber angle to function properly, and a camber kit will help you make accurate changes. It also makes camber modifications simple for any type of car. Proper wheel alignment will help you save time and money while keeping your suspension working correctly for years.

Our Camber Kit Alignment Selection

Strutmasters' camber kits arrive ready to install. Each kit is tailored to fit your specific vehicle, so you can trust you'll get everything you need for your car's model. Some kits may include extra pieces, but most will contain:

  • A cam bolt:With help from rigorous factory testing, these cam bolts have been engineered to resist general wear and corrosion.
  • Hardware:Our kits include all the parts you need to make the installation process go smoothly and efficiently.

Camber kits from Strutmasters are sold per wheel. We recommend you install kits on every wheel all at once. Fixing the camber on all four wheels will help you accurately adjust your alignment and experience a comfortable ride.

Get Your Camber Kit Bolts From Strutmasters

We have been working to earn a reputation as suspension experts since 1999. Our team focuses on quality and customer satisfaction, striving to provide the products and services people need to fix and protect their suspension systems. We believe in:

  • Helpful customer service: Strutmasters is invested in each customer's experience. We will help you with any question or concern, even after you've made a purchase.
  • Quality manufacturing: We ensure our manufacturing processes follow high standards so we can offer you the products you need to repair your vehicle.
  • Precision engineering: Your car has a unique suspension system, requiring certain parts to help it run smoothly. All our products are created to fit specific vehicles, giving you exactly what you need.
  • Long-lasting materials: Parts are made from robust and durable materials, so you can trust that you'll be making a good investment when you shop with Strutmasters.

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