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Camber Kits

Improve your alignment with camber kits for your vehicle. Camber Kits are cost-effective ways of delivering adjustments and making it easier to achieve proper wheel alignment.

Camber Kits for Trucks and SUVs

Making sure your wheels are in proper alignment is a basic step in ensuring that your car and its suspension are running smoothly. A camber kit—also known as camber bushings—can make this job much easier.

What is a camber kit?

Camber kits are used to correct wheel alignment, particularly on lowered and off-road vehicles. A vehicle’s camber angle is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle. Lowered and off-road vehicles often require a slightly negative or positive camber angle, and camber kits make this adjustment accurate and easy. 

It also makes adjustment easy for everyday cars, too. Having proper wheel alignment will save you money and help you to avoid potentially bigger suspension problems.

What’s inside a camber kit?

When you receive a Strutmasters camber kit, you can be sure that it will come ready-to-install, with everything that you need. Each of our camber kits include the following:

  • Cam bolt. Our cam bolts have been designed to resist corrosion and wear and tear, undergoing vigorous factory testing to ensure quality.

  • All necessary hardware. Our camber kits include everything you need to install your kit efficiently, with no need to worry about looking for parts last minute.

Each of our camber kits are tailored to fit your specific vehicle, which means it may include extra pieces. Rest assured, you’ll get everything you need in your kit, and get your vehicle’s camber dialed in. 

As our camber kits are sold per wheel, Strutmasters recommends you install a kit on each wheel at the same time, that way you can adjust your alignment properly and ensure good results and a smooth ride.

When should you replace your camber bolts?

Like all of your vehicle’s moving parts, its camber bolts will wear out eventually. Typically, these bolts wear out around 100,000 miles. However, if you live in a harsh climate or get heavy use out of your car, your camber bolts may wear out sooner.

If your car is not set at the proper camber, it can cause misalignment of your wheels. This, in turn, puts undue stress on your tires and suspension. It’s important to be aware of any issues that are going on with your camber bolts, as neglecting a problem could lead to expensive or even dangerous problems.

How can you tell if your camber bolts are bad?

If you have a modern car, there are usually warning lights that will illuminate when you have a problem with your suspension. However, when it comes to camber, there are a few early warning signs that you may have a problem.

  • Vehicle pulling to one side. If your wheels are not at the proper camber, you may notice your vehicle pulling to one side or the other, without touching the steering wheel. 

  • Uneven tire wear. A well balanced camber means that your tires are making proper contact with the road surface. If your camber angle is bad, it could cause your tires to wear unevenly.

  • Heavy steering effort. As camber angle controls the wheel’s contact with the road, difficulty steering may mean that your wheels aren’t making contact at the optimal angle, and you should check the camber of your vehicle.

What you should look for in a camber bolt replacement

As we all know, car parts aren’t always made to the same standard. It’s really important that when you install a part into your car’s suspension, you can rely on the durability and safety of that part. Looking for these things can help reassure you that you’re making a good decision.

  • Customer service. The first sign of a good product is great customer service. This means the company is invested in their customers, and their product, and will help you with anything you might need.

  • Quality manufacturing. More companies are outsourcing their parts manufacturing to other countries. With its made-in-the-USA parts, Strutmasters can easily oversee production of all of their parts, and ensure quality manufacturing standards.

  • Good materials. Parts made from strong and durable materials are going to last much longer than inexpensive ones. Good materials are a sign of quality, and a good investment.

After over twenty years in business, Strutmasters have earned their reputation as the Suspension Experts. Focusing on quality and customer satisfaction has helped us get there.

If you want to install a camber kit on your car, finding the right kit for your vehicle is easy. Just search for your make and model using our integrated search function.

If you’d like help with the process, call one of our Suspension Experts at 866-597-2397— we’ll make sure you get everything you need, and we’ll be there to support you with any problems or follow up questions. Prefer to chat with one of our experts online? You can find the chat feature on the right-hand side of our website.

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