Shocks play a critical role in stabilizing your vehicle and keeping your suspension system running smoothly. When you need an affordable solution to fix or upgrade your car, Strutmasters carries the aftermarket shock replacements you need.

Restore your vehicle's handling and comfort with high-quality Strutmasters-certified shocks.

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How Replacement Shocks Can Help

Shock absorbers are hydraulic, mechanical or electrical devices that connect your vehicle's wheels to its body. They absorb the impact of road travel, giving you and your passengers a smoother ride, whatever the road conditions may be. When your shocks wear out or become damaged, you'll experience significant discomfort and potential danger while driving. Replacement shocks will restore your control over accelerating, braking and turning, making your ride smoother and your vehicle more secure. Replacement shocks are helpful for fixing suspension issues, but they are also beneficial when you want to outfit your truck or car for better off-road performance. The right kind of shock lets you predictably handle your vehicle on any terrain, allowing you to enjoy your adventures safely and comfortably.

Strutmasters-Certified Front and Rear Shocks Replacement

Strutmasters has been a leader in the suspension industry since 1999, building a reputation for quality products and customer satisfaction. We recognize that our customers trust us, which is why we only sell parts and kits we know are reliable. Fox Factory is Strutmasters-certified, meaning their replacement shocks have met the same rigorous standards as our suspension replacement kits and other parts. All Strutmasters and Strutmasters-certified products use premium materials and precision engineering to give you durable parts that will perfectly fit your model. If you need after-sales help with any products Strutmasters sells, our Suspension Experts will be there to assist you.

Our Selection of Shock Absorbers

Fox Factory shock replacement kits from Strutmasters have everything you need to install your new shocks. Kits come with sturdy monotube shocks, which provide superior damping action to give long-lasting performance, even under the rugged conditions of off-roading adventures. Each high-quality shock features:

  • An aluminum body: The high-grade aluminum alloy boasts similar strength to steel and dissipates heat more efficiently.
  • An internal floating piston: An innovative design keeps hydraulic oil and nitrogen gas completely separate.
  • Aluminum components: Parts are made with black anodized CNC-machined aluminum components for long-lasting performance.
  • Specialty Fox racing oil: Developed for racing, this custom suspension oil goes above and beyond standard suspension fluids.
  • A large ⅝-inch shaft: It is made from heavy-duty chrome to withstand and absorb even the toughest impacts and distribute weight evenly throughout the assembly.
  • Hourglass bushings: These specially designed bushings allow for better articulation.

Kits also come with mounting hardware. Every nut, bolt and washer is made to the same standard as the shock itself, meaning you will enjoy top-shelf alloys and meticulous manufacturing in every part of the design.

Purchase Shocks for Trucks and Other Vehicles Today

Whether you need to fix your car's suspension or upgrade your off-roading vehicle, Strutmasters has the shock replacements you need. Browse our assortment above to find the right kit for your make and model. If you have other questions, call us at 866-597-2397, or use the chat assistant to speak with a Suspension Expert.

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