Magnetic Shocks and Struts


Also known as MagneRide ®, magnetic shocks and struts are an active suspension system for cars and trucks. These systems use a magnetorheological fluid inside a monotube body that responds to electronic signals to provide more or less resistance.

Strutmasters magnetic shocks and struts are made to match or exceed the quality, fit, and function of the OEM parts they replace.

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What Are Magnetic Shocks and Struts?

Magnetic shocks and struts are components in an active suspension system. Rather than pressurized air or coil springs, these systems use magnetic fluids to respond to changes in the road surface and provide damping resistance. 

How Do Magnetic Shocks and Struts Work?

MagneRide systems work by using electronic signals to adjust the resistance of a magnetorheological fluid—also commonly known as magnetic oil. This constant, cyclical process process that includes the following steps:

  1. Ride height sensors at each wheel take constant mechanical readings of the height of the body of the car relative to the axel.

  2. The sensors send this information to an electronic control unit (ECU) which calculates whether that corner of the car needs more or less resistance to keep the ride at a constant height. This small computer is also sometimes called an electronic control module (ECM).

  3. The ECU sends signals to the magnetic struts. These struts contain electromagnetic coils that can adjust the viscosity—or thickness and hardness—of the magnetic oil inside. When a strut needs to provide more resistance, such as when the car goes over a dip in the road, the fluid becomes more viscous, and vice-versa.

What Comes In A Strutmasters Magnetic Suspension Box?

Because each kit is designed specifically for each vehicle, the components vary. However, every Strutmasters magnetic shocks and struts kit comes with everything you need to replace your worn out magnetic suspension. Your package will include some or all of the following:

  • Complete magnetic strut and shock assembly

  • Magnetic shock replacement

  • Wiring kit or wiring harness

  • All necessary mounting hardware

That may not be all. Rest assured that when you buy any Strutmasters magnetic suspension kit or component, you’ll have everything you need to install it.

Advantages of Strutmasters Magnetic Shocks and Struts

When you choose Strutmasters suspension replacement parts, you get a product you can depend on. All Strutmasters kits and components are held to the same strict standards that give them the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed fitment: Every component has been meticulously designed to be a one-to-one replacement for your OEM MagneRide parts with a perfect fit.

  • Quality materials: Our magnetic shocks and struts are made from top shelf alloys to ensure long-lasting durability.

  • Accountable manufacturing: Strutmasters products are made by reputable manufacturers here in the U.S.A, allowing our quality assurance team to keep a close eye on how they’re made.

  • Product warranty: We offer a one-year guarantee on every magnetic shock and strut kit and component to give owners the same confidence in our products as we have.

Since 1999, Strutmasters has provided car owners with high-quality, affordable suspension solutions. These components and kits were designed, developed, and manufactured using two decades of industry knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible magnetic shock and strut replacements for your money.

You can purchase the parts or kits you need from our product lineup above. If you need help finding the right components for your vehicle or have any questions, contact our team of Suspension Experts via our chat feature on the right-hand side of your screen or by calling 866-597-2397 during business hours.

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