Suspension Conversion Kits

Your car's suspension plays a vital role in how comfortable and smooth your ride is. The suspension system comprises complex and interdependent parts, meaning each component must perform well for the system to function efficiently. When you notice a problem, fixing it immediately keeps everything working properly.

Save time, money and stress when you choose a Strutmasters conversion kit for air suspension replacement.

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Strutmasters Suspension Conversion Kits

Best Air Suspension Conversion Kits

Our air shock conversion kit is exceptionally affordable, especially when compared to the price of replacing your car's original air suspension with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The kits are also easy to install, requiring only a few simple tools and a couple of hours. Whether you replace your suspension system yourself or have a mechanic do it, you will save time and money. All our parts are made with the highest-quality material to ensure long-lasting and durable performance throughout your car's life. We use cold-wound steel springs and sturdy stops with just the right amount of flexibility so you can trust your air or hydraulic suspension conversion kit to hold up over time.

What's Included in Our Suspension Conversion Kits

Our air suspension to coil spring conversion kit comprises components that allow you to convert your vehicle from its original air suspension system to a conventional coil suspension system. The kit allows you to remove your car's air springs, ride height sensors, compressor and air lines and replace them with:

  • Coil Springs
  • Hardware
  • Mounts
  • Passive Struts

A few kits also come with a suspension electronic bypass module. Once you convert your system, the bypass module will turn off your car's suspension warning light. Our coil spring conversion kit is designed to bolt onto your vehicle, so no welding, cutting or modifications are necessary. Simply remove the old air suspension parts and attach your conversion kit with ease.

Why Choose Strutmasters for Air Suspension Conversion Kits?

Strutmasters is home to The Original Conversion Kit. Since 1999, we've been providing durable and affordable kits to help car owners convert air suspension to coil springs so they can enjoy more reliable rides at a reasonable price. We care about the quality of our kits, which is why we make and assemble everything in the United States. Our team closely monitors the manufacturing process, ensuring every conversion kit meets our stringent standards. Our experts believe in providing outstanding service in addition to quality products. We want to help our customers get the most out of their car, SUV, van or truck air suspension conversion kit, so you can trust our ASE-certified technical support team to provide helpful, professional care whenever you need it.

Buy an Air-to-Coil Conversion Kit Today

Enjoy better savings, more time and a reliably smooth ride with an air suspension delete kit from Strutmasters. Purchase your kit today by browsing our selection above to find the right one for your model. If you have further questions, call us to speak to a suspension expert at 866-597-2397 or use our site's live chat feature.

So while a small leak in one of your air springs might not seem like a big deal, it will cause your air compressor and the other air springs to work overtime. Even a small problem can lead to early failure of several suspension components.

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