How SuperSprings Increase Load Capacity? All About Super Springs

How SuperSprings Increase Load Capacity? All About Super Springs

Troy Hammond
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For many drivers, the stock suspension on their vehicle provides all the support they need. But people who use their trucks and vans for work may need more from their suspension. That’s where SuperSprings comes in.

In this article, we’ll explore SuperSprings International and the products they offer. We’ll also dive into exactly how their components can significantly improve your vehicle’s load capacity.

SuperSprings International: Producer of Extra Strength Suspension Parts

SuperSprings International got its start in South Africa nearly 30 years ago and soon after, opened its U.S. office in California. From the beginning, the company had the exact same mission it has today: helping vehicle owners with high-capacity, high-durability suspension solutions. 

Today, the company has earned its place as a globally-acclaimed brand that provides trusted suspension components to customers around the world. It has become a go-to provider for owners looking for ways to make their vehicles stronger, safer, and more reliable.

What Kinds of Components Does SuperSprings Make?

These days, SuperSprings features an enormous catalog of suspension components for an increasingly-long list of vehicles. The company designs each part to offer the perfect fit and function for every specific car, truck, and van. Most SuperSpring components fall under one of three main categories.

SuperSprings Leaf Springs

SuperSprings leaf springs were one of the company’s earliest successes. Also known as helper springs, they are a bolt-on addition to a vehicle’s existing suspension. As the name would suggest, these leaf springs provide additional support beyond that of the stock suspension. Easy to install and relatively inexpensive, they quickly became a popular solution for owners looking for a practical upgrade.

In addition to upping load capacity, SuperSprings leaf springs also serve as stabilizers. They are effective at reducing the risk of rollover and help distribute the weight of a load more evenly across the vehicle body.


SumoSprings from SuperSprings are a replacement for the stock bump stop on a vehicle’s existing shocks and struts. Bump stops limit the vertical travel of a shock or strut and provide additional load support. SumoSprings are made from SuperSprings’ own proprietary urethane rubber blend, which allows them to serve as a  significant upgrade from the OEM bump stops.

The superior design and materials of SumoSprings offers a dramatic increase in load capacity – up to 1800 pounds of support at 50% compression. But they also improve upon the stock bump stops in other ways, too. Due to their robust construction, SumoSprings also reduce sway and absorb more force than stock stops, improving the overall comfort of a vehicle’s ride.


While SuperSprings leaf springs and SumoSprings are additions to your current suspension, SuperCoils are a replacement for your stock springs. These heavy-duty springs are coils truly worthy of the SuperSprings name.

Made from advanced metal alloys, replacing your stock springs with SuperCoils can increase a vehicle’s load capacity by 25% or more. Compared to stock components, they also offer more stability on and off the road – whether you’re carrying a load or not. This makes them an ideal upgrade for drivers who simply need more out of their suspension.

How SuperSprings Improve Your Vehicle’s Load Capacity

The primary benefit of SuperSpring products is their ability to increase the amount of weight your vehicle can haul. Whether you’re hauling construction materials in your truck or outfitting a sprinter van with amenities and turning it into an RV, the added load support can help ensure that your vehicle can do it safely.

SuperSprings components help increase your vehicle’s load capacity in several ways. How they do it can depend on the specific components.

Providing Additional Support

Every SuperSprings product provides additional load support in one way or another. When it comes to the company’s leaf helper springs, they function similar to a diagonal cross-beam in the frame of a house. In addition to providing another point of support, they also spread the weight of a load more evenly across the vehicle’s frame, reducing the stress on individual components.

SumoSprings add support by using stronger materials and an improved design compared to the OEM bump stop. It may be helpful to think of it like adding high-quality insoles to your work boots. Like insoles, SumoSprings add another layer of support with greater density to the struts or shocks in your suspension. This provides more cushion and more resistance, reducing stress on the shocks and struts by absorbing more force.

The way SuperSprings provide additional support is much simpler: they’re just stronger compared to the OEM springs. While the difference from stock springs isn’t quite as drastic, this is like building a chair out of wood instead of cheap plastic.

Adding Stability

Raw load capacity is only part of the equation. Stability is an important part of being able to safely haul heavy loads. Stock suspensions can allow the weight of a load to easily shift from one side of the vehicle to another. This results in the bulk of the weight being supported by only one side – or even one corner – of a vehicle. That additional stress can overwhelm stock components and lead to breakage and failure.

SuperSprings components help to stabilize vehicles that are carrying heavy loads, each in their own way. Leaf helper springs work to distribute the weight more evenly across the vehicle body, reducing sway in the process. SumoSprings and SuperCoils offer increased support at each point in the suspension, reducing how much individual shocks and struts are compressed. This helps prevent any one point getting overloaded.

Upgrading With a Replacement

SuperCoils provide additional load capacity in perhaps the most direct way. They can simply handle more weight than the stock springs they replace. Each SuperCoil can offer 25% more capacity than the OEM coil, meaning that added capacity is multiplied when you replace all four.

Additional Benefits of SuperSprings Components

While improved load capacity is the main benefit of upgrading with SuperSpring components, it’s not the only one. These premium suspension parts offer additional benefits that include:

Improved safety: SuperSprings products have a demonstrated ability to reduce the risk of a rollover, making your vehicle safer to drive.

Better handling: The additional support you get from SuperSprings components means your vehicle can better absorb the force of cornering and other maneuvers on the road. This makes the vehicle more stable while in motion and, as a result, easier to handle.

Increased longevity: SuperSprings parts themselves are built for durability, but because they reduce the stress on your vehicle from carrying heavy loads, they can also increase the lifetime of other components.

Using SuperSprings to Improve Load Capacity: An Easy Lift

Adding SuperSprings components to your vehicle will immediately improve its load capacity. While that’s enough of a reason on its own to consider upgrading, you’ll also make your car safer, easier to drive, and more reliable – all without spending a fortune.

Recommended Solutions

Strutmasters carries SuperSprings components because they meet the same quality standards we demand of our own products. All SuperSprings products carry a lifetime warranty handled directly with the manufacturer, meaning you can count on the performance benefits they offer long into the future.

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