This is the best way to fix your Cadillac XTS suspension problems

This is the best way to fix your Cadillac XTS suspension problems

Troy Hammond
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If your Cadillac XTS is having suspension issues, you are not alone. While overall the XTS is an excellent vehicle, air suspension failure is a noted issue with higher mileage vehicles. That’s not Cadillac’s fault. Degrading and eventually failing is, unfortunately, part of the natural life cycle of an air suspension.

Is my Cadillac XTS air suspension failing?

You’ll notice the symptoms first. One day, you might notice that the car tends to “crouch” forward when coming to a stop. The rear end lifts up while the front end nose dives to the ground. Another common symptom is one corner or an entire side of your Cadillac XTS sagging down. Most often, this is in the rear. However, sometimes it might occur on one side or just on a single corner. Often, these symptoms will appear before you see a suspension warning light. If you suspect that your XTS is suffering air suspension issues, you can perform a quick “bounce test.” To do this, walk around to each corner of your Cadillac and push down. That corner should spring back up and stay in place once you let go. If it bounces or doesn’t come back up, you likely have some serious air suspension issues.

How to solve Cadillac XTS air suspension issues

The instinct is to take the car to the mechanic. Your mechanic will likely offer to replace the broken component with an OEM part. While this might seem like a good idea, it’s important to take the nature of air suspensions into account. Air suspension systems are made up of a complex network of moving parts, electronically controlled components, and pieces made out of flexible materials. All of these are prone to error and wearing down over time. What’s more, most of these components wear out at more or less the same rate. Replacing one air spring, air line or even the compressor might not seem like a big deal now, you are almost guaranteed to have to replace other components in the future. Once air suspension problems begin, they will just continue. Over time, you could spend thousands of dollars just on keeping your suspension working.

An alternative for your XTS

It doesn’t have to cost that much, though. While you could spend thousands replacing your components with OEM or third-party air suspension parts, you can fix it for good for just under $600. At this point in your car’s lifetime, you have a decision to make. You can keep that same air suspension running by taking it to the mechanic every few months. It will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

Recommended Solutions

Alternatively, you could get rid of that faulty air suspension and replace it with something much more durable and reliable. This kit from Strutmasters will allow you to remove your air suspension and install a completely new suspension. These Coilover suspensions use good old reliable mechanical force rather than air, computers and rubber to hold your car up. In addition to being very robust, it has been tuned and rated specifically for your XTS. Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology ensures that you’ll enjoy a smooth ride for years to come. Above all, what you get from installing a Strutmasters conversion kit is peace of mind. The Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees that as long your XTS is on the road, your suspension is guaranteed in most circumstances. No more trips to the mechanic for your suspension.

Spend the money once and do it right! Order from our website or enjoy full service by calling our Suspension Experts at (866) 360-7558. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to enjoy driving your Cadillac XTS again!

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