GMC Yukon Air Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

GMC Yukon Air Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

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The GMC Yukon is one of the most popular full-sized SUVs of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. It balances rugged functionality with the perfect amount of luxury. Part of that luxurious trim is an active load-leveling air suspension. 

When the GMC Yukon air suspension works, it provides a smooth, cloud-like ride. However, as that air suspension ages, it starts to wear down. As it turns out, GMC Yukon suspension issues are a common problem for owners. Even if you haven't yet had problems with yours, it's worth looking for the warning signs. We'll discuss the common Yukon air ride problems and how to resolve them.

Common Signs of GMC Yukon Suspension Problems

The service ride control on your GMC Yukon signals a problem with your suspension system. Though this is an obvious symptom, the signal may not show until the situation worsens. Therefore, looking out for other signs is essential to ensure optimum safety and experience comfortable rides. Here are 11 red flags of trouble with your GMC Yukon air suspension system.

Common Signs of GMC Yukon Suspension Problems

1. Nose dive: Nose dive is one of the most common Yukon front strut problems. It happens when the front of the car dips down when you hit the brakes, causing the rear end to elevate. The general explanation is that the suspension has gotten soft and weak, which can increase your stopping distance.
2. Loud or unusual noise: The GMC Yukon's air suspension system should be barely audible, so if you hear unusual noises from the vehicle, especially around the wheel, there might be a problem with the compressor. 
3. Overrunning compressor: The compressor pumps air into air springs, allowing the vehicle to adjust its height. Having achieved the proper air pressure, the air stops. If you hear the compressor running for longer than a few seconds, your Yukon likely has a suspension problem. 
4. Sagging: The GMC Yukon is a heavy, sturdy vehicle capable of standing without assistance. If yours squats or sags at the back while the front stays inflated, or leans to one side, check your air suspension system. Usually, a vehicle with a faulty suspension tilts toward one side.
5. Poor ride quality: Air suspension systems primarily aim to absorb and reduce the bumps when your vehicle travels on uneven surfaces. A damaged suspension system can't perform this function, causing you and your passengers to feel the direct impact of the rough roads.
6. Uneven tire wear: A faulty air suspension system disrupts the vehicle's balance and weight distribution, putting more pressure on some tires. This issue may cause the tires to strip or wear faster than their due dates, sometimes unevenly. In addition to replacing the damaged struts, it may be best to secure new tires.
7. Abrupt sway: A faulty air suspension system can destabilize your vehicle, causing abrupt swaying when you make sharp turns. You may notice this happening regardless of whether you have a damaged strut on single or multiple sides.
8. Instability at high speeds: Weak suspensions may cause the vehicle to rock back and forth, especially when driving on the highway. Though the movement might be slight, it helps to check if your struts are in good condition.
9. Difficulty in steering: The air suspension system keeps your Yukon stable when in motion. When a strut or shock weakens, pressure shifts toward that end, causing your GMC to drift when you turn or make it challenging to turn the steer.
10. Bounce test: Walk around each corner of the vehicle and push down on the bumper. If the corner springs back up and settles immediately, that wheel is fine. If it bounces up and down or takes a long time to come back up, you probably have suspension failure at that wheel.

What Causes GMC Yukon Air Suspension Problems?

Here are three causes of Yukon air suspension problems.

What Causes GMC Yukon Air Suspension Problems?

1. Excessive wear: Like everything else on Earth, the GMC Yukon's air suspension is subject to the laws of physics. Every time you drive, friction increases, resulting in mechanical wear. Additionally, exposure to the elements causes the system to deteriorate over time.
2. Punctures: Several parts of the air suspension system are made of plastic and rubber. Though they are generally durable, sharp objects can puncture them. Additionally, overloading the vehicle can cause the parts to blow out. 
3. Interconnected parts: Air suspension systems are intricately interlinked, with multiple components attached to each other. When one part goes down, it affects the others, leading to a chain of damages.

Air Suspension Repair Options

There are two primary ways to service your Yukon's suspension system.

1. Replace With OEM Parts

The first option is replacing the broken suspension system with OEM parts, which can be expensive. Air suspensions consist of many moving and electronic components. These highly specialized parts must function efficiently for the system to work.

For example, rear air struts are the most likely to fail in the GMC Yukon. Only one rear air strut costs almost $400. And once one of them fails, the others are right behind it. Other components, such as the ride height sensors, are also prone to wearing out and needing replacement as well. Since you’d be replacing your worn-out air suspension components with other components guaranteed to wear out at some point, it seems like a lot of money. But there is another way.

2. Suspension Conversion Kits

Suspension Conversion Kits

You don’t have to live with that air suspension headache. Instead, you can ditch that air suspension entirely and convert it to sturdy, dependable coilover struts. Rather than a complex web of interconnected electronic components, this conversion kit from Strutmasters uses good old mechanical resistance to hold your vehicle up — all 5,500 pounds of it. Made with high-quality cold-wound steel, our engineers specially tune these new struts to perfectly fit your GMC Yukon suspension.

Thanks to Strutmasters’ Glide-Ride Technology, your new ride will feel comparable to your old air suspension. These GMC Yukon air-to-non-air conversion kits will save you money. You can convert your entire vehicle for just $549. They are also straightforward to install. That means fewer expensive labor hours at the shop. A handy DIYer might even want to install the new suspension at home. You can complete this job with only a few standard tools, a sturdy jack and about one hour per wheel.

Shop Strutmasters Yukon Suspension Conversion Kits

Shop Strutmasters Yukon Suspension Conversion Kits

Air suspension systems improve rides and enhance safety, making them an integral part of your vehicle. However, OEM suspensions tend to fail quickly and may be expensive to replace, making conversion kits a preferable option for most car owners. 

Strutmasters is a leading suspension manufacturer with decades of experience providing the best solutions to air suspension problems. Our GMC Yukon air-to-non-air suspension conversion kit is reliable and affordable, making it one of our most popular items. Join the many who have already made the switch! Order online or contact one of our suspension experts now to get everything you need.

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