How to Fix BMW 530xi Suspension Problems Without Breaking the Bank

How to Fix BMW 530xi Suspension Problems Without Breaking the Bank

Troy Hammond
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Featuring classic styling, a plush, roomy interior, and performance to match, it epitomized everything people love about the German automaker. But the car was not without its issues. One common issue BMW 530xi owners have pointed out is recurring problems with the air suspension.

Look for warning signs to spot small suspension issues before they become big ones.

The bigger your suspension problems get, the more expensive they are to fix. That's why spotting these issues early is important. Your BMW does have a suspension warning light that comes on when the problem gets serious. It looks like an outline of a car with one arrow pointing up and one pointing down. But by the time you see this light, the problem may have already gotten out of hand. But there are some early warning signs of a fault in your air suspension system. One example is if your BMW 530xi leans or sags to one side, or sags down in the rear. This happens when the air spring can't keep that corner at the proper ride height.

A noisy suspension is another sign of a problem. You usually won't hear your suspension as it levels your vehicle. If you hear the compressor running too loud or too long, or you hear a grinding or creaking noise, you probably have a problem. You can actively look for suspension problems by performing the bounce test. Do this by pressing down hard on each corner of your BMW. They should immediately rise and settle into place. If they bounce around a lot or take a long time to rise, you have an issue at that corner.

Learn the limits of your air suspension.

These air suspension problems in your 530xi aren't unique to BMW. The truth is that air suspensions are just destined to fail at some point. There are several reasons why that is. Air suspensions rely on a complex network of moving parts that all depend on each other. Over time, any moving part is going to wear down, especially under heavy usage. Your ride height sensors, for example, are constantly moving. These parts will begin to erode as part of your vehicle's normal wear and tear. And once there is an issue anywhere in the system, it can cause problems throughout the entire suspension assembly. Faulty ride height sensors or a broken air spring can cause the compressor to work overtime, leading to early failure. In addition, your BMW uses flexible materials like rubber and plastic in some of the components. Parts like the air supply lines and the air springs themselves can tear, puncture, or dry rot to the point of cracking.

Get a quote from the BMW dealership for your 530xi suspension problems before agreeing to service.

Repairing about anything on a BMW can get expensive. So when you take your 530xi to the BMW dealership to look at the suspension problems, you can expect a hefty repair bill. No matter who the car manufacturer is, OEM air suspension components are expensive. But as you know, this is a BMW— even one OEM air spring can set you back several hundred dollars. And when one air spring goes, the rest are going to fail soon. These components tend to wear out at around the same rate. That means to truly fix your air suspension, you'll need to replace all four.

Consider the cost of labor for repairing your air suspension.

There are several reputable manufacturers of aftermarket air suspension components. You may even be able to save a few hundred dollars or more on parts by going with one of them. But parts are only half the story. Air suspension systems are highly complex. That means working on them takes a lot of time and skill. And that means steep labor costs. Even if you do save a few hundred dollars on parts, you'll still have more than a few hours of shop fees to pay. In addition, these are the same kinds of components that wore out on you in the first place. Replacing air suspension components won't ever end the problems with your BMW 530xi for good.

Use the better, less expensive solution for your BMW 530xi suspension problems.

BMW 530xi owners are not without options for solving their air suspension problems, though. Another way to deal with these issues is to simply remove the air suspension altogether and replace it with something much more durable and reliable. That's why Strutmasters has designed a conversion kit for the BMW 530xi. This kit allows you to get rid of the source of your problems and convert your BMW to a traditional Coilover suspension. Instead of computer-controlled air and rubber, this kit sits your 530xi on hardened steel struts and cold-wound steel springs.

Our engineers have worked to tune and rate these springs precisely to the needs of your BMW. Combined with Strumasters' Glide Ride Technology, you'll enjoy the same smooth ride you used to enjoy on your 530xi. This kit lets you convert the entire rear suspension on your BMW 530xi for less than it would cost you to replace just one air spring. And you won't just save on parts. It was designed to be as easy to install as possible, requiring just a few simple tools, a jack, and about an hour per wheel. In fact, many customers choose to do the conversion themselves. But even if you aren't up for that, the installation will be a breeze for any mechanic—meaning minimal shop fees.

Convert and save.

You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy driving your BMW 530xi again. If you're ready to end your BMW 530xi air suspension problems for good, you can order your Strutmasters conversion kit right here online.

Still, have questions? Don't hesitate to give our Suspension Experts a call at 866-358-0127. They'll be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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